29 September, 2006

Open Challange to Kalgan

If you haven't checked this thread out on the EU Paladin forum, please do so. Quantumdelta made a very comprehensive list of complaints. While I wish he could've kept his tone a wee bit more constructive, he arguably hits the weak points for massive damage.

Thanks Reeve.


Anonymous Suicidal Zebra said...

Angry man. Very angry man.

I think that with the new Arena system we can all see why DS being dispelled was instituted. That said, there needs to be a trade-off here for some sort of new, hard to dispell offensive skill. Preferably this would be an easily scalable instant damage attack, but could take other forms, and Avenging Wrath just doesn't cut it will the huge amount of CC avaliable in the game.

Frankly, the angst being shown by the Paladin community is not so much a direct result of Mass Dispell, but rather the cumulative tension built up due to what is essentially a Passive combat system (and pre-Greater Blessings, a totally passive PvE experience). We have too many buffs and not enough interactivity, simple as that. DS, for better or worse, was part of that interactivity for all Paladins in PvP, and part of it's strength was that you may have it in reserve. Just DS possibly being castable made us close to immune to assist trains simply because other targets are a guaranteed take-down (while a Paladin may not be), which is why I dislike all the 'but what do you do for the other 4.48 minutes' arguements. Take away the threat which DS represents and pretty much every class would fancy their chances against a Paladin, the sole exception being an equally geared warrior.

Now Paladins become viable to assist trains so long as they have a lvl70 Priest, which will not be uncommon in team-bases Arena PvP (they are argueably one of the stronger PvP classes in a 5-man setting now). A 1k mana cost is negligable because the oppurtunity cost of a DS is so high, 1000's of points of mana's worth of healing or damage may be done under DS which can now be negated. I would not be adverse to saying in fact that Mass Dispell may even be cheap at the price, just to take out DS, never mind what other buffs/debuffs you also happen to hit.

As for 'it's still in alpha, everythings not set' pull the other one, it's got bells on. If all the spells listed didn't go through unchanged in mechanics (as opposed to the slight mana cost, damage or casting time tweak) I would be very, very surprised.

I'm not expressing myself well am I? Well, suffice to say that we need something new which means you actually do something, whether that be you attack someone, heal someone, hell maybe even instant-combat-rez someone. But just another buff, even a self one for damage... I'll pass thanks. Especially if Shaman can purge it.

1:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iapetes from Laughing Skull who lied about his doings PVPwise and PVEwise and since he is one of the worst paladins i ever seen lol(rly). When he is discussing issues he lies and make up stories a lot and pretends to be a paladin who knows how to be a paladin. THAT IS THE WORST SPOKESMAN THE PALLY CLASS CAN HAVE.

Who knows how to be a paladin then?

Those who just speccs Holy(I am holy specced) and craps on all other pallys that doesnt heal in pvp(i do heal in pvp) or are not holy specced?

Those who are full retri(been there with top notch gear, but paladin ISNT a viable class damagewise in PVP even if you have 1200 AP and Sulfuras) and think retri paladin or cleric.

No the ones who knows best the ways of paladins is the ones who have been playing it for a long time both pvp and pve. We can excel in PVE just spamming the same button all night. We cant excel in PVP because of our support role and because we only can make a difference in healing.

A spokesman like Quantumdelta who knows the ins and outs of the paladin could be a great contributor but unlike US posters he doesnt say he knows best. Only better than the developers.

So if he writes an legitimate but aggressive post and get this much attention(Sorry Iapetes you epeen isnt big enougt, nor your skill so i consider you around average at best) is that the way to go?

Well the Paladin class has never been consulted regarding issues and how to handle them(just been consulted) in a way that would be accepted. Im quite sure that the developers together arent close to the /played of Quantumdelta or his equal paladins.

100 days on a toon with no future, 100 days with a toon who has been gimped since release but has got more gimps all along to be a full time healbot w cleanse to go with it.

I have rolled a shaman who i consider much more fun. I cant spam shortheals for 5 minutes but i have more burst damage in crap blues than with my Pally specced Retri in full top notch epic. My all epic hunter can do twice the damage without breaking out sweat.

I call that gimped because i can relate(have other toons also with far more survivability). The Bubble was and will be the core of the paladins. It doesnt make a paladin the master of survivability it just makes our suffering worse.

Blizzard should remove that bubble and remake the paladin. But no instead they make us more support with less survivability. Our guild wont take a retri paladin because it ISNT WORTH IT.

4:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that the Pally EU forums get blue posts. Amazing...

5:16 AM  
Blogger Thoma said...

Looks like he isn't going to get anything beyond a moderator responce.

12:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the poster who said "we need a new offensive ability that's hard to dispel"...

I don't see why we need to have *any* abilities that are dispellable. I think it's a shitty and inherently unbalanced combat mechanic that allows 1 class to remove buffs from another. It's not like priests or shaman even *need* to dispel our seals, blessings and what have you to beat us. Auto attack isn't exactly awesome burst damage. And fighting priests is just insulting. Shield themselves, dot us, fear us, hot on themselves and then wand us to death.

Other classes are annoyed when a priest/shaman dispels them. Paladins are shut down completely. :(

1:30 AM  

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