24 March, 2006

Two small updates.

Appearantly patches will get bigger in the future, and 1.10 includes a stealth downloader which runs while you are playing. This is just a part of the built-up for the expansion pack. Remember; all the universal textures and objects -- such as weaponry, armor and characters will be required for you to download to ensure compatibility.

Also wipe that sweat off of your forehead. That Divine Favor not making Holy Shock crit on damage is being investigated. Hopefully it will not be a bug and Eyonix words are being held up. According to Vaelin it's up on the list offical bug list.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh... isn't that a bit retarded for the Blizzard downloader to run WHILE you are playing. I'd prefer for it to run while I browse the net. I tried to seed bittorrent files before while playing WoW and it lags you to hell. Seems uploading kills most of your bandwidth.

10:47 AM  

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