20 March, 2006

Eyonix works Sundays!

Eyonix has given a minor update:
I met with the class designers late Friday, just before my WSG match on the test realms. We discussed a number of items which were gathered directly from this forum over the last few weeks. Right now, the Mage review is taking precedence, however, once those changes are locked down their time will free up and they'll be able to focus more closely on improving certain aspects of your class.

I don't really have anything new to say, only to reiterate that the plan moving forward is still to take another pass at the Protection tree, to ensure that it's as attractive as we intend. As I've also stated we plan to explore ways in which we can improve the Paladin's overall interactivity in raids, as well as tank.

There are likely some other tweaks on the horizon (likely a couple each patch).

I'll post information as soon as it becomes available. In the meantime, I'll continue to read your feedback and present it accordingly.
(emphasis mine)

So it looks like he's saying:
- After the Mage changes they'll take a look at us. So the largest changes seem to be scheduled for 1.11.
- Protection will get buffed (let me reiterate: 1.9 was two-thirds of a talent review). This is something that was pretty expected to happen.
- Increased interactivity in raids. Most certainly codeword for more abilities to keep us in melee range and other stuff to do than just cleanse and heal and bless.


Anonymous Vaelin said...

The Test Realm rush has largely died down, so I was able to slip on tonight to see if they've sorted out the Divine Favor - Holy Shock issue. It seem as if they still haven't rectified it to work as Eyonix originally stated. When the PTR first went live, there was a bug where Divine Favor would remain up after critting Holy Shock for damage, allowing you to essentially repeat critting with it every 30 seconds. Divine Favor wouldn't go down until you actually cast a heal.

In a later patch, they "fixed" the bug, but it negated the ability for Divine Favor to cause a crit when used as a damage spell. Using it as a heal still meant a DF crit, with the corresponding mana refund. From tonight's examination, after having downloaded 3 subsequent "minipatches" before I could log back in, they still haven't fixed it properly - so that Holy Shock would crit with Divine Favor, and thus properly expend the buff.

I have a sinking feeling Blizzard will end up leaving things as they are now. God forbid we get something comparable to a Shaman shock once ever 30 seconds. In fact, that's my prediction. I would have welcomed the changes to the way things are turning out if we had not been told otherwise, and then seen a "nerf" with no explanation.

11:35 AM  
Blogger Thoma said...

I was looking forward to the DF/Shock combo but given that there isn't even a blue reply to on the test realms about the bug I'm not hopeful.

5:37 PM  

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