09 March, 2006

Soulforge armor update, courtesy of...

I've found that many of you who've come to this blog found this due to that you searched for "soulforge armor" on Google or MSN. And because I have very little time to spend blogging right now since it's mid-terms, I've decided to shamelessly just copy/paste a very nice post by Vaelin:
Enough with the Protection business. There are more important things to attend to, like showing off Soulforge. Here's what I've gathered from the test realm thus far...


I've shown 6 of the pieces that I've seen linked in trade chat. From what I understand, if you can manage to kill the baron in strath within 45 mins of opening the 2nd gate and entering the gauntlet, the shoulders come next, followed by the legs. We know what the helm stats are, as Blizzard showed it in the Under Development section of the website. I'm assuming the breastplate is epic also.

Final tally: 4 rares, 4 epics
Every piece has healing/spell damage
Every piece has well balanced stats
I like the new look. The purple doesn't bother me, as the silver seems to be the dominant color. Anything's better than the McDonalds look. I still won't be displaying the helm.

My verdict: Soulforge will pwn
I wonder why they decided to make the boots the fourth epic piece, rather than the shoulder pieces. Aren't shoulder pieces and the helm the most important pieces of your armor aesthetically on your character? Anyways, that's what I think. Nice to see that Soulforge looks like a pretty damn awesome set.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that the stats for Soulforge are completely revealed:

Soulforge Set:
3887 armor
98 str
106 stam
104 int
44 spi
+94 dmg/heal
+2 crit
+1 spell crit
+12 mana/5sec

How "upgraded" is this compared to the lightforge set?
+265 armor (+200 set bonus)
+94 dmg/heal
+2 crit
+1 spell crit
+12 mana/5sec

+4 str
-10 stam
+36 int
-25 spi
-22 agi
total stats: -17

I can understand losing agility and adding on +crit and losing the spirit isn't a complete loss... but why the loss of stamina? Shouldn't the upgrade actually have an overall upgrade in stats instead of being on the negative side?

Positives: Much more int, nice crit pieces and a good dose of +dmg/heal.

Negatives: not much of a boost to strength and a loss of stamina. Not a real noticable boost in armor without the set bonus.

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