05 March, 2006

Protection, schmotection part 2

After reading my own rant a couple of weeks back, I've changed my mind. I've been thinking inside the box too much, and Eyonix's comments and requests for feedback on Paladin tanking has made me rethink my position.

I argued the changing of Redoubt and Reckoning, altering it from getting critted on to a flat percentage chance. This was with the motivator to "..let Paladin Tanks stack up on +defense gear". Because that's really what Druids and Warriors do; stack up on +defense gear so their damage received won't be as bouncy/shaky, easing the work for healers.

The reason why Paladin tanking doesn't work the same way as Druids or Warriors is due to the fact that we have an mana bar. Changing the Protection tree to make us rely more on +defense gear simply give up less mana to use our spells. It's the mana consumption, stupid!

If we dump all our intellect gear for +defense and strand ourselves with a miniscule manapool, we won't be able to tank for very long because we do not gain mana in battle as with Warriors and Druids do with rage. That's why much of the Paladin tanking is relying on being critted on, because it's just that: Paladin tanking isn't about hoarding up on +defense gear.

What boggles my mind is the reason for the +7 defense part on our ZG-enchant. This also makes you wonder why the heck Anticipation is in the Protection tree -- as it's deceitful and contradictory.

The very fact why Paladin tanks can't use get form of Taunt I don't get though. We'd still be very different kind of tanks due to the reasons described above. Maybe changing Judgement of Justice in to what Judgement of Fury was would be a nice addition to help us single target tank.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are trying to look for logic in an illogical system. Getting critted was never some in-depth way for us to tank that was designed with that in mind. Protection was, and still is a clusterfuck when it comes to tanking and it will continue to be until they come up with a normal system for us to tank.

There is no reason there can't be +def +int plate in the game either...

9:08 PM  
Anonymous Gideon, EU_Aszune said...

Bingo, you've hit the nail on the head. Paladin tanking should not be about stacking def gear. Doing so means neutralising two protection talents and weakening the mana supply that sustains our tanking as well as the +spell damage that generates our aggro.

Itemisation will never fix this unless they double the "itemisation points" for hybrid plate. They need to give us a new prot talent that makes the def stat unecessary. Something like the new priest holy talent "Blessed Recovery" would be good.

3:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I, like many paladins, vendored my LF as LB came into my wardrobe. LB has no +spell damage. So someone please explain why tiers .5 and 1 have +spell damage and healing, and tier one doesn't? *rends clothes*

10:18 AM  
Anonymous Thoma said...

The problem with Paladin tanking comes from Zone design. You could design a zone that allows Paladins to tank and Shamans to DPS but that is alot more work. It's much easier to throw out the lame arguement about "Well all classes change thier role in the end game." It's just not true. The only classes that change thier role endgame are Shamans and Paladins.

I understand why Shaman's whine about our blessings because they frankly are better for pure support then totems. And thier role as "support" is one in which they simply suck. To go from an offensive caster to a back of the bus support class would annoy me as well.

The second major issue is itemization. If Paladins were decked out in plate with +int, +stam and +defense...when do you think we'd ever die? Can you imagine the horde whining if we became even harder to kill?

So we instead end up with the irony that the most defensive class in the game isn't a viable tank simply because of poor class design. This is the reason we won't get a taunt. This is the reason our heals are slow. This is the reason we can't get a "strike" or instant damage attack worth a damn. Blizzard doesn't admit to mistakes, and they won't admit that they screwed up our class design beyond a shadow of a doubt.

I don't mean this as a flame against those who want to tank, or faster heals, or burst damage. I want all of these things myself. What I intend it for is that those who argue for these things understand what they stand against. I want people to understand the weak arguements that Blizzard uses internally to pretend that the class is fine.

And for those of you who think the class is fine, simply remember that not every one plays the class in the same way. The wonderful thing about having three trees is that it creates room for many playing styles within a class.

6:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What blessing is better support than an earthbind totem? You basically snare everyone near your group.

Oh and the warriors whining got our soulforge gauntlets nerfed. That can be the next paladinsucks.com scoop.


nice to see ellia....err Caydiem is the one bringing the news as well!

1:46 AM  
Anonymous Thoma said...

Earthbind is a great totem in some fights. I'd kill to have it for Razorgore. But it doesn't really improve the horde's ability to do anything in most intsances except Razor and a few other fights. But not the bulk of them.

5:35 AM  

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