01 April, 2006

Pre-emptive April Fools

You've probably seen it already. Wisps are the new race. There are also complaints about BurgerCraft already. This guy has some comedy gold.

Caydiem posted the 1.11 patch notes. Here's the part regarding Paladins:
1. Paladins will now receive a 2% increase to DPS for every cloth item worn. In addition, chance to crit will increase by 5% if a dress is worn. This is to encourage a wider variety of itemization for the Paladin.
2. Paladin can no longer target self with Lay on Hands as the spell was intended to help others.
3. New Form: Bear Form and Dire Bear Form! This new ability should help the Paladin tank in five, ten and twenty player-capped dungeons.
1. Really funny because it points out that Paladins use cloth since we don't have enough plate gear to suit our needs.

2. I don't get this one. Kidding on the square? If it would be possible to only use on others I wouldn't mind the actual cooldown reduced to like 30-20 minutes, for real. However, while I don't know who wrote it -- someone within Blizzard, it gives valuable insight at what they probably wished the game would really work. Just look at for example this change in Quests and Reputation:
Improving faction with Timbermaw Hold will now decrease your faction with Argent Dawn, and visa versa, as we want to encourage players to make more important choices at higher levels.
Something in the back of my mind says to me that would something that Blizzard wish they could implement in to the game.

3. Woot... No need to revamp the Protection tree!


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