28 March, 2006

This just in: It's out. Update: It's not.

Connect to the server to download it.

Update: Server downtime extended one hour.

Update 2: Woot. Been waiting here for like, six hours, and still no servers up yet. Argh!

Update 3: Servers are online... Been waiting to Authenticate for like 10 minutes.

Update 4: They went down after like 40-30 minutes after they had been brought online. As I'm typing this they're still down. The note right now (9:15 PST) says that they'll be up within 90 minutes. This definitely is the worst day ever since release. The server's been down the entire day. That's pretty darn bad and most likely will be giving them quite the negative publicity within the couple of days. Expect at least a one-day compensation as well as a written apology from Michael Morhaime himself. I wonder what could've been the cause of this huge delay in the first place.

One thing I noticed though when the servers were up that as I was traveling on the boat from to Theramore, I actually didn't zone along with the boat and the other passengers to Kalimdor. Me and my guild friend fell down in to the water and had to swim back... Naturally because he was a druid he got back faster. Not really a good sign of server stability.


Anonymous Gerbodis said...

Update 4: Servers down


4:20 AM  
Anonymous Vaelin said...

I got in, saw that I made Commander, gloated over World Defense, bought my Black War Tiger, went to Winterspring, got my blood samples, returned to Ironforge, and got my Soulforge Bracers.

Then I see Server Shutdown in 5:00. At least I got that much done.

Blizzard sucks.

4:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally got on and got a group together to go try out the new strat. Lots of blues dropped including.... Lightforge Gauntlets! They dropped of Timmy the Cruel. I was stunned... my first run after the patch and I end up with the piece I had resigned myself to picking up at the AH.

8:46 AM  

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