29 March, 2006

Some updates on the Pally thingies

Libram of Truth (the one that grants your Devotion aura with an additonal +55 armor) drops off of Magmus in BRD. Just met a guy who had it on my server. It's pretty damn worthless, but better than to have just nothing. According to this guy the other two are one that grant you 20 mana off of every Seal and one that grants Cleanse -25 in cost. Them I need! Pretty cool that switching librams is something that I will find myself doing.

Lightforge Gauntlets are BoE random drops in Stratholme, this guy says Timmy the Cruel. Probably entire Scarlet area as it would make sense (they're Pallies!). According to comments it's only Timmy the Cruel, but they're still BoE. What the?


Blogger Brian said...

Update on the Deathbone Set. It is all Blue items now and if you have the complete set, you will get 24 mana regeneration per 5 seconds.

Unfortunately, it has no intelligence on it so you need to get your INT from the other items, such as the bracers, the helm, necklace and rings.

It appears to be the Paladin tanking set because you regenerate mana with it. If you combine with with regenerating mana trinkets and the Librams, you might be able to maintain sufficient mana for long fights.

6:43 PM  
Blogger Thrall said...

The gauntlets are not random drops, they are in fact from Timmy exclusively, even though they're BoE. I ran Live today and he dropped them for me as well.

5:30 AM  

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