28 March, 2006

1.10 comes out tomorroah

Heard it on Ventrilo a couple of minutes ago. I'm in MC right now, so I don't have time to scout the forums.

Update: Here's the thread about it (click the first link). If the image don't work due to the bandwidth cap I'll upload it here later.

Update: Official post here by Eyonix.


Anonymous Nonnobis said...

I hope Blizz fixed the Holy Shock bug that rendered the test server useless for my purposes. I copied my character onto the PTR to see how I might like it if I gave up sanctity aura for HS.

Every time I logged onto the PTR, HS was not usable with Divine Favor. HS/DF didn't give an auto crit, and DF wasn't consumed until I used it for a heal.

Paladins who played on the PTR have been posting in the PTR forum asking if the bug was repaired. No response yet.

10:41 PM  

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