09 February, 2007

Back in-Action

Arenas are not far away! How are you guys preparing for it? I've been tinkering around and for days now trying to figure out a good PVP-healer build, and I think I've settled.

Here's my rough draft of a PVP-healing build.

There are two things we excel at: healing and staying alive/survivability. So it comes to no surprise that I focus on those powers in my build, with a twist of a third focus: resist talents. It will definitely lack a lot when it comes to PVE healing due to the fact of the loss of Divine Illumination, but this is just meant to be PVP-focused. I wouldn't recommend main-healing five-mans with this build.

Holy Tree:
- Divine Intellect, Spiritual Focus, Healing Light, Illumination, Divine Favor, Sanctified Light and Holy Power. A no-brainer path. Unfortunately only three points in to Holy Power.
- Grabbed Unyielding Faith due to the prevalence of fear, plus Pure of Heart due to the fact that we can't dispel curses.
- Light's Grace is a must-have. It is extremely crucial.
- Holy Shock is useful for some increased offense for burst DPS when needed. Feel free to ditch it for one extra point of spell crit if you want, but I chose not to.
- I know Divine Illumination is very important for end-game PVE, but I had to sacrifice a lot of the high-end talents so I could go deeper in to Prot.

- Righteous Fury and Spell Warding reduce magic damage by 10% and melee by 6%
- Toughness to increase armor rate, "just cause". Feel free to put points in to Precision instead.
- Guardian's Favor. Hands down my favorite talent in the game. How could you not get this one? A 16 second Blessing of Freedom is extremely powerful. Three minutes Blessing of Protection's are pretty damn useful too.
- Blessing of Kings: This will be your primary blessing on yourself.
- Sacred Duty to increase the stamina. Every bit of stamina is worth it. Unfortunately fights don't last long enough for you to pop the four minute Divine Shield, so you should consider that to just be a bonus.
- Improved Hammer of Justice: Hammer of Justice is extremely powerful. Cutting fifteen seconds off of it is godly.
- Improved Concentration Aura: This is your primary aura. The 15% silence/interruption resist is what you want!

And here is the most underrated talent in all the Pally trees now:
- Stoicism: extremely, extremely interesting talent - it makes Mass Dispel/Dispel/Purge/Spell Steal resist 30% of the time. Theoretically this includes Blessing of Protection and Blessing of Freedom on other targets! Another thing: If someone's trying to dispel a Judgement of Justice on their Druid - whoops, 30% resist rate! Even crazier: according to some reports Hammer of Justice have a 30% chance to resist the Mage's Blink! OMG! Cry nerf?
Notes: Tier 4 in Protection is too good for PVP. Probably the best PVP Tier in all trees we have. All four talents are pretty damn useful. The most annoying part is that it's worth 8 points. If they only could move Imp. Concentration up to Tier 1-3 it'd be perfect (I've long supported the notion of moving that talent somewhere else, the placement of it right now stinks).

You get a total of 6% melee reduction and 10% spell reduction. In stats you get 16% more stamina and 20% more intellect. When it comes to resist you're loaded: 10% fear resist, incapacitate and stun resist, 15% curse, disease and silence resist, 30% dispel resist. With Rank 1 Blessing of Sacrifice you're basically also un-sheepable/un-sappable/un-seducable.

So in theory? You should be one pretty damn annoying PVP-healing Pally.

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Blogger Chronic said...

Hi there!

Thanks for the article, it's really interesting to hear your thoughts on Paladin PVP, since it's something I'm currently preparing myself for.

I like your build, but I wanted to ask you one thing - what's your opinion of Ardent Defender? I realise that you'd be trading off some nice things in Holy to get the points - Light's Grace, especially. Still, with a reasonable health pool the talent makes an already heavily armored and survivable paladin even more unkillable.

As always, it's a tradeoff between healing power and survivability.

Anyway, thanks for the interesting post. Good luck in the arenas!

4:07 AM  
Anonymous Brohuld said...

As a resto Shaman (I know...) my experience is that ANYBODY healing in BGs is actually a surprise to everyone else.

Really funny how most people do not expect any kind of healing - and how much it actually improves your side of the battle when you do.

3:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you're just looking at arenas, I'm surprised you took Sacred Duty over Blessed Life.

In general PvP the shorter cooldown on the bubble may make Sacred Duty more attractive, but personally, that far into the Holy tree, I'd find the three points for 10% chance for all attacks to cause half damage.

6:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Posting about Paladin PvP healing...

A more appropriate title for this would be "Back Out of the Action."

10:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to know about the Hammer of Justice against Blink thing ^^. It would make me reconsider my build if it were true.

12:11 AM  
Anonymous Ephor said...

In case you hadn't made the connection, Stoicism also works with Divine Illumination. There nothing quite like having a LvL 70 priest attempt to gank you and fail miserably.

Nice job highlighting prot talents though, they're freaking unbelievable for survivability. I'm actually a Ret pally, but for my money, the returns from prot talents far exceed the marginal benefit to dps from crusader strike and other dps options south of Repentance.

3:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im thinking of going this now. Ret is absolutely worthless in pvp unless its 1v1 and your opponant cant heal. Mass pvp ret gets completely owned, on a priest/shaman/druid they can just outheal our damage by so much its disgusting, not to mention purging almost all of our dps. Battlegrounds have become a joke as well, I have yet to see a pug that Im with or against fighitng an organized that doesnt completely get steamrolled (and I mean flat as a pancake). Blizzard has done a good job of completely screwing pvp.

10:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sup paladins,

thats a pretty solid pvp healing build, I would probably take the 3 out of purity heart and put them in blessed life 10% half reduction randomly stacked with righteous fury, and spell warding will keep you alive longer. Besides the one curse that you can't despell doesn't do much damage anyway.

PVP arena battles are fast pace you use all your cool downs in the fight. If some happy ole warlock wants to dot you up dispell the ones you can and dont worry about curse now if they have affliction you dispell before its on or just bubble and wipe it all clean. With sacred duty 4 mins new bubble means you can bubble when needed.

Even with purity they stack dots pretty quickly and it rarely helps when your feared, its just easier to bubble focus fire and burn down mob before bubble ends in fast arena pvp battles.

Which is where vengeance and holy shock come into play. Even though you will be a healing bot you can still dish out some decent damage. I dont know if your doing 2vs2 or 3vs3 or 5 vs 5. Depending on what you do will determine your role more and who you play with.

Now the anonymous last comment stating that ret is useless they clearly just dont understand a paladins class. You just have to know how to spec your character and you can utilize ret effectively with little trouble in group fights and easily mow down casters and or over dps druids.

We can easily say that we out heal any class damage as well with blessing of light and a good holy light spell for 4k.

What gear do you have, how do you fight? Are you focused on fast burst damage or long battles? Does your weapon suck? Do you have engineering? We have so many ways to stop a healer from healing its kinda funny. Hammer of justice, repentance, seal of justice, bombs, stun hammers, ect.

Paladins are gods amongst classes and can win against any class when specced right and played well.

We are kinda overpowered if yah ask me and im shocked that blizzard still chooses to buff us more I just laugh so hard.

Some tips for you that could help:

Get a guild or rl friend
Get on ventrilo(vocie over ip)
Practice and play with that character
Learn their strategy and yours
Come up with class scenario strategies
pick up engineering and blacksmithing(weapons and armor bop)
Watch a few paladin videos on www.warcraftmovies.com
And learn how to spec your class that is = to your gear style and bust ass. It's quite simple really!

But just to futher your confidence I can easily mow down 2-3 people in mass pvp or even 1 being healed before my bubble goes down. Test it out your skillz and prepare for arena


level 70 Neela Paladin DemonsoulPVP

11:21 PM  

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