27 January, 2007

Not for Critics


Anonymous Lassirra said...

Just a head's up...

Saw one of your posts on http://wow.consolenewsblog.com/ without any mention of credit, or a link back to your blog.

Thought you might like to know they're taking your content.

(I found them when I followed a link to their site from http://www.aeigelus.com/ after an entry there had mentioned that their content was being stolen by that site as well, and happened to recognize one of your entries...)

10:48 AM  
Blogger Ghmou / Micah said...


You know, I'm enjoying tanking nowadays, but I don't enjoy having my Warrior friend have 2k+ more hitpoints than me when he's in his tanking gear. =C

I mean, I still had nearly 9k HP overall on a Mana Tombs run with a Priest with Fort and a Lock with his Imp (improved, somehow, +87 sta) and Kings.

On a slightly different topic - anyone else notice that Mana Tombs sucks to tank as a Paladin? Pandemonius is bad enough (they wouldn't even let me try to tank him because we had a Warrior), but the whole Darkcaster-Mana Burn thing is nuts, and "Curse of Impotence really does reduce my Holy Damage output to Nil. I only have some 115 spelldamage in my tanking gear, and that Curse reduces my threat output tremendously. Coupled with "inferior" mitigation and hitpoints, I worry.

Anyway... Heh, I love PA. I do wish, however, that I had never rolled a Paladin as my first character 2 years ago. I mean, he's fun, and I enjoy tanking, but... I think I would have enjoyed a Pure class more - or at least one that can put out the whupass at a slightly greater intensity than a Protection Paladin.

Another side note:

Seal of Blood procs Reckoning? =C I enjoy Seal of Vengeance, though it's a bit spotty, but if I could offensively/proactively proc Reckoning in PvP, that'd be pretty epic. Oh well. I suppose SoV really is a "tanking" seal (though it has helped my questing quite a bit) while SoB is quite the small-group PvP seal.

That's all.

10:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


This is my biggest concern also

With 41pts (min) in Prot + 12pts in Ret. I can't really do much else than Tank.

Having 2k health less than a warrior & less effective moves for damage avoidance makes me wonder whether we have just bought into Blizzard's concept of Paladin's being a comptetitive choice for MT rather than the reality of a warrior almosts always being the best choice.

P.S When a waarior isn't the best choice a Bear Tank will be.

This makes me a sad Panda.

2:04 PM  

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