31 January, 2007

Prot vs Feral

Ghmou's at it again - wanting to alter the way the Druid's Feral tree works. Read it here.

I don't think though that there is any way to split +spell and +heal abilities. The recent variation of the tree makes the choice between a talent that benefits cat or bear very scarce.


Blogger Ghmou / Micah said...

It's funny. I've largely changed my mind on the subject in the past few days.


Well, I initially thought that it was the Feral tree that needed to be further hyrbidized.

After examining my motives and my intents, I realized that what I really wanted was the kind of hybridization that exists in the Feral tree to also exist in the Paladin and Warrior Protection trees!

I can actually say now, we need to alter Prot Paladins and Prot Warriors to bring them closer to the level of utility/power that Feral druids (a far more "jack of all trades" hybrid than Paladins or Warriors) are currently enjoying.

I think that the Feral tree was elegantly designed - I'd like to see more talents along the lines of "Nurturing Instinct" (50% of strength added to +healing) because that stands out to me as a talent that is uniting two otherwise "unrelated" parts of the class. This kind of talent truly emphasizes the hyrbrid.

It is that kind of "nurturing instinct" talent that I want in the Protection trees.

Warriors deserve some talents in prot that outright increase damage - even if in a very creative way - adding some small fraction of (some attribute) to their AP/crit, whatever. Perhaps an ability in Paladin prot than increases Armor by 100% of your +healing, allowing Paladins to have an easier time "off-tanking" in their healing gear when the poo hits the fan.

That is the kind of hybridizing I would now like to see. =D

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Caveat, this is pure speculation:

I think that come raiding at 70 people will see the Druid is not so DPS/tank as they seem now. Gear is going to significantly affect things. They'll have to collect two entirely different sets of gear to be able to switch between those roles in cutting edge content.

True, it does allow them to switch roles without a respec, but a "respec-for-the-night" is hardly going to be out of reach for end-game raiders.

5:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Given that in the more difficult encounters where Spike damage is an issue a Paladin will not be a MT of choice ( lower HP

pool & inferior mitigation & lower stamina itemization) what then are the options for a fully Prot specced Paladin ?

Obviously you will be able to OT sufficiently.

But how about healing ?

Which ever way you cut it Healing will be a primary/secondary role in 95% of all cases

However many ways I've respecced my Full Prot Build it is difficult to not have at least 41pts in Prot & 12pts in Ret

(deflection + improved judgements). This is a real issue from a healing perspective however as to have any degree of

competency/healing durability you need 13pts in Holy.

I understand it's all a fine balancing act

But the biggest casualty of this balancing act is the Protection Specced Paladin

Unless deflection is moved from it's Tier 2 position in Ret. Other than decursing/buffing what will you bring to the

encounter ?

Either a Heavy Ret or a Heavy Holy Build can dip a toe into the Protection Tree & get a Core Paladin Tanking ability


For example

Heavy Holy Build

40Pts in Holy
5Pts in Protection
16pts in Ret

A build like This gives you great Healing, Burst Damage (Holy Shock) defensive utility (Redoubt,Deflection, Possibly blessed

life) and passable melee damage (SOC & conviction) Your threat will also be fine with Holy shock & the benefit from holy


Heavy Ret Build

43pts in Ret
5pts in Prot
13pts in Holy

A build like This gives you reasonable healing(add improved sanctity Aura) the best DPS a Paladin can get. Defensive utility

(Redoubt,Deflection, Divine purpose) Your threat will also be fine with Sanctity Aura running & the DPS you generate.

Both these builds are "specialized" to offer the best of one tree & key elements of the others. Another interesting aside is

that Redoubt is actually slightly more beneficial as you will be hit more often & therefore see a higher chance of it


Ok Now you try & create a 41pt Prot Build that gives the same utility across the board without sacrificing deflection. I

haven't been able to do it.

The closest I can get is

31Pts Prot
13pts Holy
17pts Ret

This gives you +12% to Heals & upto 4pts in conviction in Ret, from a Protection point of view you get Holy Shield but loose

Ardent Defender & Avengers Shield.

Or alternatively

41pts Prot
10pts Ret
10pts Holy

Ok you get the Key protection Talents... But in Ret (no improved Judgements or SOC) & in Holy (you loose the + 12% benefit to


It just seems to make a lot of sense to Move deflection To a Tier 1 Talent In Retribution & move Improved blessing of might

to Tier 2.

Is there any logical reason why this shouldn't be done ?

1:35 PM  
Anonymous Merdan said...

my build - 21 Holy / 40 Prot

Divine Favor > Capt. America Shield.

If you are only healing off and on, might as well make it a crit for no mana. If you are OT'ing, no need to pull. The only thing that you are truly missing is deflection, and unless it gets moved into the Prot tree as an OT it is not worth nerfing your Healing IMO.

If it was a Tier 1 ability then that changes everything, but it isn't and probably never will be so work with what you got.

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