03 February, 2007

Blizzard Moderation is Top Notch

Seriously. Hate them or love them, but when you look at the World of Warcraft forums - despite many of the stupid threads you see, they're very relatively properly moderated and "managed". (Well, there was that one time when a Diablo 2 forum moderator told a guy that he should stop flipping burgers, but that's about it).

Look for example at EA.com's Command and Conquer 3 forums: petition threads on useless and absolutely boneheaded subjects exist for days, threads on calling other people low-lives and idiots aren't deleted, basically no observable form of moderation or forum care taking exists... seems to me that an entire cluster of forums for various different games is moderated by one sole person.

Just think of this...absolutely trashy forums for a game that's a huge franchise (one of the largest in the world) on a website of one of the largest gaming companies in the world. Yet they can't find the resources to more properly take care it?

It actually makes you appreciate the hard work that is apparent on the WoW forums. Also just Blizzard as a company overall.


Anonymous Soldrak said...

I actually disagree with this. Blizzard is quite bad at forum moderation, nasty crap stays on forever and is never removed. In class forums you have people calling each other retards, noobs etc and nobody ever gets suspended nor the posts removed. At least C&C is an RTS, not an MMO so they have an excuse for their lack of moderation but a game like WoW which is supposed to rely on its community to be successful can't. I think WoW will die soon honestly, already in TBC I can see a lot of people getting bored. Sure the zones look fantastic but at the end of the day it's same old same old an eternal grind towards nothingness in a game lacking any semblance of consistent story nor pvp that makes any real impact on the world whatsoever.

5:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still doesent mean they dont hate paladins.

3:52 AM  

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