16 February, 2007

Arena's Are Activated!

Registered a team? How'd it go?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sup Paladins,

Me(Paladin) and friend Hunter beast spec went about 50 rounds these past 2-3 days.

I would like to say forget about any blessing buff for 8-10 you won't have it on once combat starts.

They really try hard to sheep/sap/cyclone/freeze trap to created 2vs1 battle.

Most of the time you will have blessing of sacrafice on and or blessing of freedom on pvpers that try to kite with impairing movements.

Good news is you can cast blessing of protection while sapped and cycloned.

In the end CC will win the fight if you can take another out of the game.

That or burning down a mob super fast with the popping of trinkets instant cast and all cooldowns.

Thats how most fights go and they dont last long at all. A few went for a min and we had tornados everywhere but thats about it.

Paladins do great with

Paladin mage
Paladin shaman
Paladin druid
Paladin Paladin

From my experiences


Level 70 Paladin Neela Demonsoul PVP

5:53 PM  
Blogger Sterben said...

Spent some time doing Holy Pally/Fury Warrior last evening. Won every match against other melee/hunters, but lost all but one match where the other team had a warlock. Warlocks just..ouch. It was fun zoning in to find 2 rogues on the other side, though :P

Geo is right about the buffs. I just kept up sacrifice or freedom on my warrior, and we did pretty well. We did come across 2 elemental shaman who started out with focused crit chain lightning followed by earthshocks which can pretty much explode any class. Time to start stocking up on resilience, I think heh.

Really, though, 2v2 is just going to be really hard against some class setups. I'm looking forward to 3v3 and 5v5 more, just need to get the team together.

Sterben, Argent Dawn

7:32 PM  
Blogger Vaelin said...

Couldn't tell you about arenas, but I gotta say I'm elated over bagging my Legplates of the Righteous on my first successful clear of CoT - The Black Morass. What a fun fight that was. Offtanked the whole time, scooping up the adds while one of our warriors MT'd the rift keepers.

3:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

had fun fighting with my pally friend did pretty well were ranked 1610 not bad for a first day

9:52 AM  

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