26 June, 2006


Hi guys, sorry for the lack of activity and all that the last couple of days, despite so much new stuff going on due to 1.11 (probably). Unfortunately I'm stuck living in a cabin out by the sea with no internet, and tomorrow I'm going on a vacation from my vacation by going to Paris. Really sucks that there's been so little activity lately from the blog and I just want to make sure to you that I'm still here. Summertime is hard though.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you know youre Caydiem day counter is dead?

9:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's oddly appropriate. I am certain the Blizzard forget that they ever made conflicting statements regarding the role of Paladins.

Have you guys seen this?


Funny, but I can't help but being a bit depressed by the amount of truth behind it.

10:18 PM  
Anonymous Leord said...

Not a Caydiem comment (although i'd really love to have ANY official point from Blizz what they want with palas, or what range of things a Pala can be considered moderately proficient at), but when you have time, do consider add tidbits from the forums in general, perhaps at least some in addition to the paladin ones.

I dont have time to browse all american forums, and I do feel you tend to find vary many points of interest in the vast oceans of text =)

Dont bother with it now, have a nice vacation!

Ha det bra =)

11:07 AM  

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