01 June, 2006

Eyonix is going to do some checking...

...if we've got something in store:
Over the next couple of days I'll be in discussions with various designers, specifically the class team. I'm going to see if any information is available that might be of interest to this community. Hopefully, we'll have some news to gnaw on sometime in the next few weeks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't get your hopes up

7:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in another class forum far far away...
shamies upset with their patch

So, we get upset with our patch and we are told to just accept it by CMs disguised as forum trolls, shaman are upset with their almost universal buff and are told "oh, ok, lets get it right then!"

Gotta love "the interest of fairness".

3:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

$20 says Windfury gets un-nerfed by about 250 AP.

Oh, and the paladin talent trees won't be touched again until after the expansion, but it will be to further limit paladins, not help them (have to keep them the weakest afterall).

4:28 PM  
Anonymous snow said...

On the bright side looks like they will fix the bug on test that fixes judgement of command crit rate to 5%.

11:43 PM  
Anonymous snow said...

and by fixes I meant "breaks."

11:44 PM  

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