20 May, 2006

This is a joke... Where's the rest of our promised review?

Thanks Blizzard. Two patches and we still have a tree made out of purified manure:

1. You took the junk that didn't appeal to people from the other trees (Imp. Concentration, Anticipation, Precision) and just slammed it in there.

2. Didn't touch the first tier throughout the entire review. Improved Devotion sucks ass. Redoubt licks balls if you use a two-hander - but ironically still remains the talent of choice for them anyway just because Improved Devotion sucks so much ass.

3. Compared to the other trees, you spent minimal time with Protection. All focus was on Retribution and Holy, who arguably were the most appealing trees to begin with. Removing Repentance from Protection was the death touch. It killed the tree.

4. And by moving Holy Shield to the top tier, it became a slam dunk. You officially made it the worst tree. Since Holy Shield has such limited use anyway, it's just not worth it to spend the talent points all the way up to the to it. Trust me: you're gimping yourself to becoming very situational (= tanking when there's not a warrior or druid around). Most Paladins realize that the points are better spent elsewhere.

5. And you wrapped things up, went over to review the Priests and haven't done anything since then.

1.9 was 2/3 of a talent review, get that?

How can you leave a talent review unfinished for two patches? It's been over six months since you probably even began with the Paladin review. You know the tree is crap. Everyone knows the Protection tree is crap. Where's the rest of our talent review?

There's all this talk about Paladin love. There's all this talk about how horribly the relations with the Paladin community is cared of. Why all the talk of that and no results? It's been over six months.

Edit: In retrospect I am very harsh in my choice of words. But sorry, I just had to vent this stuff out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Is anyone at all surprised?

9:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree completely about the protection tree. The ironic thing is 33/0/118 makes me an awesome tank for the dead instances (Scholo, Strath). I go with 2 priests (one shadow, one holy) a mage and a hunter. We do awesome. So Holy seems to be the way to go for tanking? WTF?

9:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You don't have to apologize for your harsh words; I said worse when I saw what we got.

IMO, there is not a single completely functional Paladin tree, and everything they do nerfs one or the other. I am mostly ret specced at 11/10/26. I depend on crits to do damage, and Blizz is taking 4% from me with the PvP set change. The changes are nice if you don't play DPS, but they continue to pigeon-hole us as healers. We used to have the option to equip to our spec, but that's being taken from us now too.

9:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont see anything wrong with that post. You should post it in the pally forums and see if a blue responds. Bliz keeps screwing us and saying theyre sorry and will start giving us good stuff, then starts screwing us again.

11:24 PM  
Anonymous kyosei said...

Honestly. I think if they just gave us consecration, kings and soc as trainable abilities a lot of us might forget about the problems class has. Maybe.

Another thing...why are a lot of classes suddenly getting spiritual focus as a 2 talent ability? GG.

1:28 AM  

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