26 May, 2006

Soulforge vs. Redoubt

Click the title to visit my fuller post in the Paladin forums.

Here's my summary of the sets. Bear in mind that the PvP set is only 6 pieces, so there's room for further stat boost with the belt/bracers.

4036 Armor (with full set bonus)
+98 STR
+106 STA
+104 INT
+44 SPI
94 Spell Power (set bonus - chance for 95 more)
1% Spell Crit
2% Melee Crit
12 MP/5
+8 all resists (set bonus)
40 Attack Power (set bonus)

3375 Armor
+91 STR
+113 STA (with full set bonus)
+56 INT
134 Spell Power (with set bonus)
1% Melee Crit
JoCr +10
HoJ -10 sec cooldown (set bonus)

Personally, I don't know if I want to grind up to rank 10 again. I've been raiding a lot more lately since joining a new guild. I have 6/8 Soulforge and just need to kill Lord Valthalak to complete the chain and get the other 2 epic pieces. I'll certainly buy the pieces of the PvP set that I have the rank for. The 2-piece set bonus is +23 healing/spell damage, so you can really boost your spell power there. I already have the old blue PvP set for the cool look, though, so my aesthetic senses are pacified. There's also the matter of my lvl 60 hunter, and the incredible buffage to their new blue PvP set. It's more likely I'll try and rank her up to 10.

For those not so far along the Soulforge chain, the new Paladin PvP set is definitely worth the time in my opinion. You get a ton of spell damage, so if nothing else it'll actually be useful in PvE. Those that enjoy a more balanced playstyle in PvP and incorporate more holy damage will also find the new set a great boost to their effectiveness I think.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm counting wrong, but doesn't judgement give about 153 spell damage? If so, you are right that is quite a bit of +spell power for a blue set.

Still, the coefficents are horrible for some of our seals...
From the paladin forum:

10% Seal of Righteousness (1H) - verified on Test Realm v0.11.3

12% Seal of Righteousness (2H) - verified on Test Realm v0.11.3 (holy suck, so we sould get about 13 extra damage from redoubt)

50% Judgement of Righteousness - verified on Test Realm v0.11.3 (This would be around 50 extra damage, not too bad)

20% Seal of Command (with spell damage equipment) - verified on Test Realm v0.11.3
29% Seal of Command (with Holy damage equipment) - verified on Test Realm v0.11.3 (so we are looking at about 25 extra damage?)

43% Judgement of Command - verified on Test Realm v0.11.3
(This will vary, I'm guessing around 50 extra damage)

33% Consecration* - verified on Test Realm v0.11.3
43% Holy Shock - verified on Test Realm v0.11.3
43% Hammer of Wrath - verified on Test Realm v0.11.3
43% Exorcism
19% Holy Wrath*
20% Holy Shield* - verified on Test Realm v0.11.3

These all aren't that hot. I guess it's a good thing this stuff works for healing too. :)

6:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for doing the comparison between the two sets for us. I have a ex-rank 10 paladin with full soulforge and was debating going for redoubt. But after seeing the comparison, I am in total agreement with you that it's not worth 2-3 weeks of effort. Thanks again, peace out.

10:35 PM  

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