21 May, 2006

Relevant Eyonix Quotes

This thread on 1.11 has links some good Eyonix quotes (at 3/19/2006 6:28:30 PM PST):
I met with the class designers late Friday, just before my WSG match on the test realms. We discussed a number of items which were gathered directly from this forum over the last few weeks. Right now, the Mage review is taking precedence, however, once those changes are locked down their time will free up and they'll be able to focus more closely on improving certain aspects of your class.

I don't really have anything new to say, only to reiterate that the plan moving forward is still to take another pass at the Protection tree, to ensure that it's as attractive as we intend. As I've also stated we plan to explore ways in which we can improve the Paladin's overall interactivity in raids, as well as tank.
And another one (at 3/12/2006 8:14:33 PM PST):
I was out sick most of last week (nasty flu/cold) and the couple of days that I was present towards the latter part, were spent catching up on a hundred or so plus items. I plan to discuss a number of items with the class designers at some point this coming week, and hopefully I'll have some feedback to provide concerning the direction of patch 1.11 and 1.12 as it pertains to the Paladin.
Okay. While he wasn't technically stating that our changes would definitely come in 1.11, it definitely sounded like it would be that way, especially after the Mages. Although I can agree that by putting the Shaman and Mage review in the same patch, they might've put our changes on hold for the time being.


Anonymous Suicidal Zebra said...

It they were going to put any changes on hold then they should have stated that fact in late April, by which time it seems likely that the content of the patch would have been finalised (if not fully completed and tested).

Eyonix talked about 'building bridges', about improving communication with the Paladin community. The problem is that there has been none, but then frankly Blizz#s communication skills are not much good at the best of times.

Really, the Blizz CM team needs to be able to be more open and honest with general info, updates on general patch content, and progress reports on previous info (as in this case). It may not make the community at large happier, but certainly much more content with their relationship with the company.

Then again, we said this after 1.09, and not much has changed for Paladins. We still subsist on vague promises rather than hard facts, and that is shown by the antagonistic attitude now prevalent on the forums between Paladins, and how everyone clutches at straws when debating further improvements.

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