13 December, 2005

Protection, Schmotection.

The Protection tree is now the worst tree:

- Anticipation works against Redoubt and Reckoning.
- Improved Concentration Aura is out of place, because Concentration isn't exactly going to be the aura of choice when tanking.
- Its first tier talents still suck; Improved Devotion is useless at level 60, Redoubt is useless if you don't use a shield.
- Blessing of Sanctuary and Holy Shield got nerfed real bad in the latest revision; don't get bonus from +spell damage, Holy Shield got bumped up to 31 points (definitely not worth it) and BoSanctuary got it's block damage reduced.
- About only the half of the tree I like: Guardian's Favor, Blessing of Kings, Improved Hammer of Justice, Reckoning and Improved Concentration Aura. The rest is useless to me.

How to fix:

- Slap together Anticipation and Improved Devotion. Nerf it to give something like +5 defense.
- Change Redoubt to be flat chance to block.
- Change Reckoning to get charges from a flat percentage when hit.
- Buff Holy Shield. Make it last longer, whatever. Just make it worthy.

I felt like this was going to happen because all the focus was at the fact that Holy was superior while Retribution was lacking. It was the truth yes, but there wasn't enough discussion on what the condition of Protection. This was mainly because the tree was so-so to begin with, it had a couple of good things and a couple of bad things... And now we're here.


Anonymous Elderin - 60 Pally Whisperwind said...

Being the worst tree in a bad lot. That really stinks. But it's not like we have a whole bunch of choices for our talent points.

In all honesty, I have no idea where to put my talent points when they finally introduce the "new talents" (how can they be new when they're mostly rearranged old talents?). There is no single tree which will allow me to achieve my goals for my Paladin. I wanted Elderin to be a Holy Warrior, leading the charge into battle and tossing heals every once in a while.

Retribution and Protection don't lead to this because Retribution doesn't produce enough melee damage and Protection doesn't provide enough tanking abilities.

Holy doesn't allow front line fighting either but it does give the Paladin better healing skills.

I contrast this to my Warrior, which I recently leveled to 60. I wanted him to be a DPS machine at first. So, I focused him on Arms/Fury. Now, he's going to change to becoming an endgame tank, so I'll change him to a Protection/Arms Warrior.

That is the specializtion that the Paladin lacks. The Paladin cannot do DPS or cannot tank as well as any Warrior or Druid. As I always say, what's the point of Plate when you're never being hit?

5:40 PM  
Anonymous Suicidal Zebra said...

Not only that Mr. Webmaster, but also +Spell Damage coeffs were reduced substancially in the latest patch. HS, and BoS no longer recieve any benifit from +spell damage, BoS's damage has been reduced to 35 from 50, and all other coeffs have also been reduced.

I am yet to be convinced that this patch will not be a nerf to Aggro retention, given that righteous fury links aggro to holy damage in such a mana, and our ability to generate substancial levels of Holy Damage is low at best. Compare this with the old SoF and JoF, which generated Aggro by the shed-load even with the minor damage provided by Consecrate, and you have what appears to a substancial nerf.

No way will I spec down Prot now, even considering that I am far from MC equiped. Simply no point, and there is no way I would be able to generate aggro worth a damn reliably.

Oh well, roll on the next PTR patch to solve these issues perhaps? Then again, perhaps not.

1:16 AM  
Anonymous Vaelin said...

Protection isn't that bad of a tree in the top half. As for Retribution not dealing that much damage, I'd disagree. Properly equipped, the build I'm looking at playing around with in 1.9 (0/18/33) gives me all the cool melee enhancements, plus reduced HoJ cooldown (35 seconds with PvP gear), Guardian's Favor, and Repentance. With the improved Vengeance talent, Rank 1 Seal of Command, and Sanctity Aura (the first two only a foolish Shaman would purge, the last being unpurgeable) and throwing Judgment of Wisdom on your target, you'll be able to hit pretty hard, augmented with Judgments of Command (Stun/Mez ->Rank 5 SoC->Judgment->Rank 1 SoC). Definitely not a support oriented build in the way of healing and buffing, but good for supporting with stuns/BoP/BoF while allowing for some pretty good 2H melee damage.

4:22 AM  
Anonymous Garrius said...

I think they should remove anticipation and put in a new talent called imp resistance aura... giving you +3 or +5 to resistance auras (depending on how powerful it is)... 5 points in it means +15 or +25 to resistance aura… not too powerful and yet very good for group tanking where magic is involved.

5:17 AM  
Anonymous nemof said...

heh, i was just testing the super-duper-deformed mana regen on elite level 60 dragons in the wetlands and it works a treat. I was able to take down 60+ warriors who were cleaving me. it only took me, what, 5-6minutes a dragon =/

8:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Redoubt and reckoning work fine as they do now. Anticipation is a crappy talent anyway. If anything they should just remove it altogether. Why change the perfectly functioning redoubt and reckoning to accommodate a talent no one ever takes? Not even the other classes that have this talent take it in their builds.

9:20 AM  
Blogger Mastgrr said...

The real motivator to change Reckoning and Redoubt is to let Paladin Tanks stack up on +defense gear.

10:27 AM  
Anonymous Suicidal Zebra said...

Indeed. The idea of better tanking if you get crit more, without a concurrent reduction in damage take from critical hits, is IMO foolish. This is especially true given the fact that blocking does not reduce physical damage taken by all that much if assessed over short time periods (which is far important for keeping the tank up).

For instance, what is a bigger risk in high-end PvP: the chance of a string of 3+ crits due to a lack of +defence, or not having a small proportion of damage blocked whilst making crit strings far more unlikely? I know which i'd lose more sleep over.

And Reckoning is just a silly talent frankly, and the way it is utilised in PvP shows that. Activated utility such as Reposite or Revenge, or totally passive such as Enrage with no risk of 'losing' attacks, would IMO make far more sense. Reck-bombs are a stupid mechanic really only effective with epic level armour and weapons.

5:20 PM  

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