08 December, 2005

Know your role, noob.

Vaelin reports that the latest Blizzard Insider has the scoop Caydiem was talking about with the developers, dubbed "Know Your Role". Here's snips of the Paladin excerpt:
Paladins are unique in that they can serve a dual-role in a party. Capable of wearing heavy armor and dealing huge amounts of damage, Paladins are frequently cast as tanks in a group; however, the healing abilities of the Pally also offer the potential for them to serve as primary healers....
Dealing huge amounts of damage... Primary healers... Waaaah?

Last time I played AB I was defending a node all by myself against an Undead Priest. I used Seal of Rightousness with my Ice Barbed Spear and attacked him trying to do as much damage as I could -- he just did the /laugh emote at me, very well knowing that there was no way in hell I was going to put a dent on him. I got so upset that I decided to take some time off from Arathi Basin after that...
...PvP on a one-on-one basis can be difficult for Paladins, however, due to their limited range (although, future patches are rumored to correct this issue)...


Anonymous nemof said...

lol i gotta say I do like the title image... "I'm not that kind of priest!". I bet that's what Blizzard internal testing looks like.

Blizz01: Ok I'll tank the boss and the paladin will keep the adds busy. Priest you heal me, the paladin can can look after himself... but if he needs help drood then you keep an eye out.

Blizz02: er... i'm specced shadow.
Blizz03: omg do I look like a resto druid I'm here to DPS!!!!11111

Blizz04(paladin): Hey I'm the one who's gonna be DPSing. you just make sure you keep me healed.

everyone turns around, points and laughs.

Blizz01: on second thought it's better if the drood tanks anyhow. er, you can, like go paly. the shadow specced priest can still out heal you with two hands tied behind his back so I guess it's time to bubble/hearth. bye!

6:18 PM  
Anonymous kyosei said...

It's a real kicker ain't it?

Major damage...wha? Primary healer...come again? And frequently cast as tanks? Bwahaha.

Ah they really do have no clue do they? No wonder why the talent trees are still in the current mess they're in now.

Ahaha. I like the last bit on the description where they recommend the use of seal of justice to catch runners. I guess that's why they don't give us a real snare.

7:41 PM  

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