08 December, 2005

It's up.

Here's what we've been waiting for the last couple of weeks, an explanation of the changes in 1.9. Read it here.

Edit: I read it and still disappointed. They just didn't seem to explain that much at all... Most of it was just about the philosophy of the trees and the switch of Consecration and Sanctity.
Now, each tree has an overall theme for what it's meant to accomplish... but they aren't completely specialized towards these goals -- creating a tree that's completely specialized in one direction causes players to be pigeonholed even further, which is something the designers want to avoid. As such, there are some diverse elements in each tree, such as Blessing of Kings in the Retribution tree. (A similar effect is seen in the Druid talent trees, with both beneficial feral and casting abilities spread throughout.)
For Druids' Restoration tree both Feral talents are at the bottom tiers, making it super easy for Feral builds to get them.
In the Feral tree there's Heart of the Wild (gives a bonus depending which form you are in) -- but it benefits Feral just as much as casters.
In Balance there's Natural Weapons (increases physical damage), Omen of Clarity (PPM proc to make your attacks free of charge) and Natural Shapeshifter (Shapeshifting cheaper, arguably meant for Ferals the most) and these are at the relatively bottom tiers of the tree, making them easy to get for Feral Druids who arguably want them the most.
Then at the bottom of Balance there's Moonglow (reduces spell costs of many spells) and Nature's Grace (critting makes next spell casted faster), but they benefit Balance just as much as they would for Restoration.

I just think that... The Druid trees simply are more intelligently designed. For neither of the Druid trees the 31st talent is against the genre of the tree. Moonkin Form, Leader of the Pack and Innervation are at the right spots. Blessing of Kings simply isn't. Sure... It's a nice buff and all, but really, c'mon -- you'd rather want Blessing of Might because you get more DPS with it, right?

Edit 2: As someone said in the thread as a response, it's really just a whole post that says "it's fine, learn 2 play".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, lern2play from a community mod that is seen as being biased. Hey, that won't make more paladins quit, no sir.

Really, I hope everyone re-rolls or better yet quits. I'm sure blizzard will understand the problem if it hits them in the wallet

9:15 PM  
Anonymous Sucidal Zebra said...

Wow. Seriously, wow.

I wonder if you need to attend college to be able to write such a contrite load of PR bull. If this doesn't convince anyone still in doubt that Blizz Customer Service via forums sucks then nothing will. They really need to get a Dev in there to properly answer some pointed questions.

Still,I called it earlier in the week ;).

10:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All they did with the trees was move things around a bit. Feral got a lot of boosts by combining or adding very nice secondary effects to the talents. There's Feline Instict which also adds +15% to threat on top of being harder to detect in stealth. Then there's Feline Swiftness which got a nice +4% dodge added to it. It was ALREADY a godly talent and it was the point where most feral builds stopped because talents stopped being good at that point.

6:36 AM  

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