05 December, 2005

It is time.

As reported our talent calculators have "finally" come up on the US website. Caydiem mentions it here. (by the way, where's the developer response that was promised?)

I've been fooling around with a build, and here it is. The unconventional first ten points in to Holy is there just because my build is mainly meant to be used with Concentration Aura (providing a total 106% damage interruption immunity). Mind you that this build is meant for PVP:
- SoC for good damage, I don't want them to laugh at me.
- Reckoning for Reckoning-bombs, because I love one-shotting cloths.
- Imp. Concentration Aura for silence resistance, because Warlocks, Priests and Mages are annoying.
- Unyielding Faith for fear resistance, because Warlocks, Priests and Warriors are annoying.


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