03 December, 2005

New test on PTR: 0.9.2

As Vaelin mentioned, a new version of the PTR is up. Here are the changes:

- Two-handed Weapon Specialization fixed: now capped at three points.
- The Protection tree was untouched.
- Benediction is pretty much the best five talent points you can spend since it now reduces the cost of Judgement and Seals. Judgement is now only 76 mana for this!
- The Holy tree got a few changes: Divine Favor and Consecration switched with each other, to get Divine Favor now you have to invest in Illumination and you have to get both of these to get Holy Shock.
- Spiritual Focus got nerfed? Says only 70% now, I recall it saying something like 76% before.
Edit: I'm the original noob. It's always been 70%.

Things that need to be fixed:

This is on the Paladin talent changes:

- Make Protection more attractive and less weird. Anticipation, Reckoning and Redoubt work against each other. IMHO just remove Anticipation or change Redoubt and Reckoning to work differently. For example, change them to work without relying on being critted so that Paladins can stack up on +defense gear just like tanks ought to (this is what I really hope for). Then also consider slapping together Anticipation and Improved Devotion Aura to make that talent more attractive (make it only got up to like +5 or whatever instead, due to the tier bump).
- Consecration wasn't changed to be a Heal over Time spell, which was asked for. I know it'd bring up really complicated balance problems, but if it lets you heal as much as it do damage nobody will will find it overpowered. It'd make it much more versatile. Very nice that it was bumped down though to be easier for Protection Paladins to get.
- Divine Favor still says it doesn't make Holy Shock crit, as was asked for. Please make this happen Blizzard, it'd spice up the Holy tree and make it much more interesting. It'd make up for the loss of Sanctity Aura.
- Pursuit of Justice is still unchanged. Make it better than just a 5g boot enchant. It might be really cool for those who don't know all the in-and-outs of the game, but when they've had it for a while they'll realize that they just "wasted" two points.
- Improved Retribution Aura/Retribution Aura overall will never be used by Retribution Paladins. Ever. Consider moving it somewhere else, just don't let it be next to Sanctity Aura. Put it in to the Protection tree since Holy damage increases threat?
- Move Improved Concentration back to Holy now that they lost Sanctity. Tanks won't use Concentration Aura anyway!
- Blessing of Kings is still there, taunting with it's weirdness. I guess Retributionists must get some boost or another to their grouping abilities, and that BoK is the way for this. But still, it just feels lacking.


Anonymous nemof said...

Do you know what really grinds my gears?

Reading down the list of bugs on the PTR and the SoC bug where you had to change ranks and then eventually log out is still there. I mean, what the hell is going on when a bug like that lasts for over a year. it's ridiculous.

4:30 PM  
Anonymous Padinn said...

I sense some changes coming to Retribution and Protection in the upcoming builds.

Repetance in exchange for a free crit heal is iffy.

BoK in exchange for a free crit heal? You'd be insane to take it.

Let's wait and see what happens next week.

4:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think a lot of paladins who didn't understand how redoubt and reckoning worked requested that anticipation be moved to protection.

I really don't care about redoubt, but if they are going to have reckoning in protection and protection is going to be the 'damage reflection tree' then retribution aura should be moved there.

Conentration aura belongs in holy. Don't know what they are thinking with that in protection.

They simply must do something for retribution. The tree is crap as it stands now.

Maybe an improved seal of command as a 31 point talent that does 120% weapon damage/450 damage on judgement but has a significantly higher mana cost?

5:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reckoning and redoubt should never ever be touched. If a rogue with 30% crit is hitting you your skills will proc 30% of the time. If it worked on say a dodge to encoruage +defense usage by tankadins, it would only work 5-10% of the time. Plus, if you got 2 rogues with 30% crit on you, reckoning and redoubt procs EVEN MORE. If it were on a dodge it would still only be 5-10%.

Anticipation is a crappy talent to begin with even for warriors. It should just be cahnged to improved blocking or something +1% blocking chance per point.

I also like the change to beendiction. The overall cost of seals/judgments is very low. Even lower than the new purge costs. I think purge costs 175 mana now? Slightly more than double. SoC costs 145 with benediction. So yeah. PURGE AWAY!

If reckoning is moved to ret, then we are going in the right direction. Though I will miss being able to get it along with all the other excellent protection talents.

They really need to add more talents. We still have the fewest talent choices out of all classes. :(

9:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

>>I think a lot of paladins who didn't understand how redoubt and reckoning worked requested that anticipation be moved to protection. <<

No, it was requested to be moved because it is a tanking talent. Pure and simple. It is the warrior tanking talent as well.

With that concentration should be moved BACK to holy. The ret talent that lowers the attacks damage should be moved to protection as well, but its so shallow in the tree I don't have much beef with it.

I don't think we were loud (and clear) enough when we said that our talents were poorly placed. The str talent is STILL in holy although its shallow enough to not worry too much I guess.

9:34 AM  

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