06 December, 2005

Caydiem's back!

Alright, enough with my pessimistic rant from yesterday. Cay's got some more info, here she explains the reason why the Critadin was, in a sense, removed:
...Many are lamenting the perceived loss of the infamous "critadin" build. The crit-focused Paladin was making the best out of what was given to him, and I understand that it's difficult to adjust. The developers wanted to bring the line more controlled DPS rather than relying on chance and having the damage numbers wildly across the board. It's true you may not see those huge, incredibly-gratifying numbers much anymore, but your DPS will be more reliable and predictable, allowing you to perform better on the whole. Give it a chance.
Then Virgilsainti immediately asks, "What about the 31 Point Talents? Many have been concerned over the adjusting or complete removal of the current ones since 1.9 was mentioned." and she responds:
That's covered more in the writeup going through editing.
Excellent, I guess we'll get to hear the reason to why not a single of the 11-21-31 talent points were removed/drastically changed.

And here she explains what's left of the developer response. (in other words, Soon™)


Anonymous Suicidal Zebra said...

I beg to differ, increased SoC proc rate by 2 ppm does not make our dps any more reliable or predictable. And certainly at 70% it does not make it any more effective. JoC is minor DPS increase which will be affected only by HoJ and SoJ. Likely, Repentance allowing a full JoC effect is a bug, as like Gouge it is a mez and not a stun. And I'd love to see just how reliable our DPS is without any damn mana due to Purge, Dispel and the added effect of all debuffs given Cleanses increased mana cost (Rank1 Viper Sting, yay).

Oh, and notice that we will never see the 'feedback' she is sending the Devs. Nor will we see the motived feedback that the Devs give us without a healthy level of PR-ification.

And hell, at least Fangtooth was reasonably polite.

Don't get your hopes up for anythings inciteful guys, and certainly no changes beyond what is already on paper. Perhaps in three or so months, when Paladins become an endangered species and BoKs does not feature on their weekly data sheet, they'll start to take things a bit more seriously.

Oh, and just a healthy reminder. Shaman are in 1.11. Yay!

11:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hortus confirms that Repentence is working the way it should be:

"Repentance acting is as a stun for the purposes of Judgment of Command.
Judgment of Command's tooltip now reflects that it works with stunned and incapacitated players."

6:05 AM  
Blogger Lord Vir said...

Caydiem is a double chinned monster

8:13 PM  

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