14 December, 2005

Fun builds

Stunmaster Fun: Repentance, Imp. HoJ, SoJ = Fun (with SoC).

PVP 4 Life: Imp. Concentration Aura, Unyielding Faith, Reckoning, SoC. Notice that when getting Imp. Concentration you only need four points in Spiritual Focus, hence splitting six points between Divine Strength and Wisdom in Holy.

Cookie Cutter Holy with more damage, or Cookie Cutter Holy with more versatility. Holy Shock, SoC, etc.

I actually can't decide which one of these to get.


Blogger Lord Vir said...

zjI'm probably going holy:

Holy Talents - 33 points
Divine Strength rank 5/5
Divine Intellect rank 5/5
Spiritual Focus rank 5/5

Healing Light rank 3/3
Consecration rank 1/1

Unyielding Faith rank 2/2
Illumination rank 5/5

Divine Favor rank 1/1

Holy Power rank 5/5
Holy Shock rank 1/1
Protection Talents - 0 points

Retribution Talents - 18 points

Benediction rank 5/5
Improved Judgement rank 2/2
Improved Seal of the Crusader rank 3/3

Conviction rank 5/5
Seal of Command rank 1/1

Eye for an Eye rank 2/2

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