18 November, 2005

Any bets?

With more and more info revealed, anyone think they're going to update Divine Intervention with this spell?
Resurrect the target player with 20% health and mana. Can be used while dead.
And add the long-awaited Seal of Vigor?
Grants the Paladin a 50% movement speed bonus for 6 sec seconds. If the seal is not judged before the seal expires, the Paladin is afflicted by Exhaustion (-50% movement speed) for 6 seconds.
I think there's a reason why we never got Vigor in the first place: It was most likely really buggy. It's a Seal that's totally unlike other seals we have since we wouldn't Judge a target to use it's Judgement-effect. That could've caused a lot of problems. Then if we wanted to, we could just activate Righteousness or any other Seal after five seconds to have it replace Vigor on the "Seal" slot, Judgement problem solved -- no need to waste that 11% base mana and fifteen second timer to not get the debuff-effect. Then lastly, they probably had problems with that if we had Divine Shield on and/or activated it during the effect of Exhaustion, the debuff would be removed.

According to the numbers on Thottbot, Vigor has string 24224 whereas Hammer of Wrath has string 24239 suggesting that they were being worked on at the same time. Interesting stuff...

What's kind of interesting though about Vigor is that if they've really buffed Judgement and lowered it's cooldown, we could be running at 50% movement speed forever? Hehe... Not gonna happen!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pretty sure those were just player suggested things from forums that someone decided to put on thott.

9:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They could change it so the seal itself had its own cooldown.

9:39 AM  
Blogger Mastgrr said...

#1 Anonymous:

Those are mined/taken from the actual MPQ-datafiles. It's in no way data submitted by players.

2:48 PM  
Anonymous nemof said...

am I the only one who doesn't want seal of vigor? It's a pvp only skill and I've never needed to run as it is, I'm pretty much able to get out of most snares with BoF and the only reason I could ever think to use it is to get close to a hunter/mage, rather than run away from them. If I'm about to die and want to sprint for it, chances are it's already my fault for making a poor choice in the first place.
If seal of vigor were a DPS and damage taken modifier, like zerker stance, then I would be interested.

i.e. "you are filled with holy light and a a golden mist comes down over your vision. In this state your damage given is significantly increased, but so is your damage taken".

3:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"the only reason I could ever think to use it is to get close to a hunter/mage"

I think that is entirely the point of this. You have to judge it at the end, so you need to be heading toward the enemy. Think a warrior's charge. This seal gives the paladin closing speed- something that is sorely lacking currently.

And it isn't PvP only. Last night I was in UBRS and the orcs with intercept kept dashing after our mage/ druid after wiping aggro. Here I come lumbering after them while the warrior had already closed in and was attacking. In another case our warlock had aggro on him and was running away from me (bad warlock) and I just couldn't catch up until he headed me and stopped. With vigor I could have easily closed the gap in either of these senarios.

4:09 PM  
Anonymous nemof said...

that true, and I guess if it was available I would certainly use it, but I have repentance and HoJ and grenades, so if I ever need to close a gap between me and a mob/player then I have three means of closing the gap. Obviously two of those three means have to be specced for, but I was happy to spec deep into prot, and take engineering.
I can't emphasize how useful grenades are in pve :)

4:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how repentance, HoJ and grenades equals closing the gap? None of them get you into melee range quickly.

Two are ranged attacks which mean you still have to run up to them do melee damage (unless you plan on lobbing several grenades). HoJ can only be used if the target is at 20% health so it's usefulness in any "closing the gap" senario is extremely limited anyways.

Repentance works more like a snare than a closing move. While it may have a similar result, I'm not prot specced so I don't even have repentance as an option for me. Neither does any other holy or ret specced paladins. Plus the fact that it only works on humanoids limits it's usefulness considerably in non PvP senarios.

4:57 PM  
Anonymous nemof said...

I think you are getting confused between hammer of wrath and hammer of justice; HoJ is a 6 second stun. *HoW* is an execute move usable at 20% or less health.

The only time you will ever usually need HoJ in pve is either to stun a mob that is attacking a squishie, or to stop a runner. In rare cases you might need to defend yourself by HoJ mob then running, healing or whatever. Oh, and if a squishie decides to run off blindly with a mob chasing him, unless he is going to bring hundreds of mobs down on us, i'll let him die. He knows he should be running to me if he isn't near me already.
HoJ+repentance is primarily useful to me (yes this is a personal preference thing) for PvP. i use HoJ and repentance frequently with mages so that I don't get counterspelled when healing, otherwise it's game over.
I don't actually like to waste a good stun to get close to an opponent, preferring to use BoF to escape snares. My preferable use for HoJ+repentance is to halt an opponent while i heal. also with the states of judgements as it is it allows me to get close enough to judge crusader, hit SoC and reckoning bomb them with my 2hander.
as it is I feel palys have enough tricks up their sleaves pve to be useful, if not enjoyable. I'm looking forward to 1.9 because it will make the class more fun to play, not necessarily more important.

8:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Repentence and HOJ are both on 1 minute timers. I hardly call that reliable. The best way to think of seal of vigor is the poor man's intercept. With that I think it will have a 30 sec cooldown. Same as intercept.

"the only reason I could ever think to use it is to get close to a hunter/mage"

Like I say, the poor man's intercept. Rogues use sprint for catching up to their targets too.

4:39 AM  
Blogger Lord Vir said...

We could use a 'closing the distance' mechanism. I have Repetence now, along with a 50g respeccing fee. I've come to find playing without repetence in pvp is really not fun at all.

Even with repetence we can have trouble closing the gap sometimes. I'm not crazy about the mechanics of seal of vigor. I'd rather see a self-buff that increases runspeed greatly (100%?) but is on a timer (5 minutes?)

Ok, so I want my paladin to have sprint. I'm sick of people chugging a potion when they hit 20% and running from me.

7:05 AM  

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