15 November, 2005

It's Worgen...

...why wouldn't it be?

A fellow guild member pointed this thread out who make some valid points:
Think about starting zones. Its not going to come out of nowhere. They are not changing (drastically) the topogrophy of the continents. Where is there a large chunk of land that has been walled off?
This hint is more direct, and less of a "figure-it-out" kind of deal: Since the Horde recieved what would seem to be a more 'Alliance-style' race it would logically proceed that the Alliacne recieve a 'Horde-style' race. I promise that this holds true. Narrow your list from number 1.
According to this post that's been spreading around for the last couple of weeks, Gilneas!
    Unable to conceal their horrid existence from the world any longer, a new sun rises over Gilneas. The Alliance has opened its gates to the refugees and an effort is now underway to restore humanity to the Nightcry Worgen. As one of their number, you must prove yourself a capable ally to the Alliance's cause and master the powers granted to you against your will in order to free your land...no matter how much blood you must shed.
Last but not least: What faction of the alliance have we heard nothing from in WoW so far? What faction has all but dissapeared?
Gilneas, Gilneas and Gilneas...
What other humanoid race is there with sufficient propensity for equipment is there (obviously, things like Troggs and Satry are out since they don't use anything) ?
This is really the only argument that's quite weak. I've never seen Worgen use tools.

Worgen would be equally cool to Alliance as Blood Elves is for Horde.


Blogger Lord Vir said...

I'm really underwelmed by the expansion. There is nothing I care about as a PvPer on there, only the fact that classes might get some new talents.

I thought they would at least add a new class or two, but they don't want to due to 'balancing issues'. Arrrrg.

Hmm, I doubt we will be seeing Worgadins even if the worgans get into the game. :)

7:55 PM  
Anonymous vaelin of gilneas said...

Actually, I'm excited about the expansion from a PvP perspective. Supposedly, Outland will be "contested territory" and flag you regardless of whether you're on a PvP/Normal/RP server. I just hope they buff Paladins sufficiently in PvP so that the Alliance can hold its own in this new world.

8:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's also a new epic (AV style) battleground in the works from what I understand - Azshara crater. You can already see the towers and banners erected in Azshara near where the future entrance will be.

8:38 PM  

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