14 November, 2005

Housing Control

I don't post rumors, but there was this post at wowguru.com which is poking at the idea that Diablo 3 will center much around guilds vs guilds... It made me think about player housing in World of Warcraft. Discussion on it's been quite absent for quite some while. Those who peek inside the datafiles of WoW know that there are datafiles regarding housing there.

I think one of the last signs of player housing is from this Blizzard fan site chat, dating July 26 2004:
[GilS.PR] What are the plans for Housing in the World of Warcraft?

[Katricia] Player housing will not be available until after World of Warcraft has been released. Our plan is to add player housing in a future live update or expansion. Our current idea (which could change) is to extend the cities to have player housing neighborhoods. For example, in the canal area of Stormwind players can see a blue instance portal behind a large portcullis; this is the entrance to the player housing neighborhood in Stormwind.
There was *no* stuff regarding player housing during the announcement of the Burning Crusade at BlizzCon. Either they're saving it for later announcements of the expansion content, ditched the idea completely or they're simply holding it off -- keeping it at low key for some reason.

Interesting nevertheless of what that guy said regarding Diablo 3. Technically he's quite correct; Diablo 3 will most likely be about Heaven and Hell clashing it against each other since Tyrael smashed the Worldstone, melding Heaven and Hell together on to the real world.

Funny, if that former Blizzard-employee is telling the truth, he's a goner for sure. Don't Blizzard make their employees sign NDA's?


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