16 November, 2005

The Judgement armor

Ijin found a cool post by Caydiem, who explains the following about the upgraded Judgement armor:
The Judgement concept is meant to be an Inquisitor-like outfit. The Silver Hand is an overall noble establishment, to be sure -- but there is a time when pleasantries must end and justice must be done. It is called the Judgement armor for a reason -- it is the Paladin's embodiment of delivering their sentence upon the enemy. This is not the defender aspect of the Paladin you're seeing; it is the commanding, faceless aspect of justice, of judgement.

There is more to a Paladin than shining armor.
Ijin ends with "Without a doubt the best description of a Paladin I've seen on these boards. Good to hear someone gets it". I agree. Friggin' sweet!

View Caydiem's post here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Caydiem hates paladins ever since I called her a 'double chinned monster'.

1:46 AM  
Anonymous Vaelin said...

That's right INFIDELS! I will heal! Cleanse! Buff!... and mana regen.. you.. to.. death.

Crappy stats. This armor set is like dropping a Geo engine in the body of a Lambourghini. All form, no substance - at least nothing menacing.

2:06 AM  
Anonymous Suicidal Zebra said...

No-one expects the Azerothian Inquisition!

Our main weapon is surprise, surprise and fear ward. Our two mains weapons are...

12:45 PM  

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