16 October, 2005

Blessing of Sanctuary animation removed!

It first came in 1.6 (though with a bugged animation). Outcries of "Purge me!" appear.

Then it got fixed in 1.7. No more annoy people at IF anymore or getting fooled that there's loot left on corpses.

But in 1.8 it's been removed! I noticed it earlier tonight as I was getting the chain ready in Silithus to do the Emissary (the boots you get as one of the rewards is better than Lightforge! Me need). I love Silithus by the way...

But -- huh? Maybe they took in consideration of many of the comments people made. However, keep in mind that Blessing of Freedom still has it's similar animation (it's in a slightly different color).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What likely occured was that freedom and sanctuary used the same animation and that's why sanctuary also had the PURGE ME effect. At first I thought this must be a bug or something because this is a huge slap in the face to the paladin community I just couldn't believe it. Now it's confirmed that they only intended for freedom to have a PURGE ME effect since they removed sanctuary and kept freedom's graphic. Lame.

5:52 AM  
Blogger Mastgrr said...

Actually, they had separate animations from the beginning. Sanctuary had a slightly whiter color tone. This leaves me to suspect that they intended to have an animation for Sanctuary, but dropped it due to feedback from players (which, as far as I could see -- only negative).

12:51 PM  

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