13 July, 2005

Five items

Judgement of Wisdom
Tallena brought to my attention that the judgement has the possibility of granting ranged attackers of the mana gain effect. Sleazy me for not doing my fact-checking first. I naturally assumed it was melee because Judgement of Light was melee. I'll keep this in mind when updating my analysis of the judgement system in the future.

"Purge me! Purge me!"
At first sight, the idea of showing what blessings you have might sound good. On a second consideration... The new graphics for Blessing of Freedom and Blessing of Sanctuary is a technical nerf per say due to it's nature of alerting other players. It's already brought up by many, among for example this guy.

If you don't have this modification for your Paladin yet, you won't believe how amazingly useful it is. I try to be lightweight with my mods and use as little of them as possible... except this one: Decursive is the one I simply can't live without. I wonder how I managed to survive without using it before. Download it here.

Consecration was stealth-tweaked and bugged
Read about it here

New super trinkets screw two-handers
Once again the dilemma whether Paladins should wield slow or fast weapons, and showing that it's not possible to please both. There are trinkets in 1.6 that give different effects for different classes, the Paladin's give 25% weapon- and cast speed increase for 20 sec. A Seal of Command user doesn't approve ...


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