12 October, 2005

Paladin Quest Rewards fun

One of the items from the Paladin quest added in this patch? It's an item level 52 sword, but with NO level requirement. It's also BoE! Read more about it here. And you can always check Thottbot.


Blogger L'Emmerdeur said...

They nerfed it to level 47.

So they do nothing to fix the aggro issue with Judgements, but instantly react to fix this.

Blizzard hates paladins.

4:19 PM  
Blogger Mastgrr said...

You have to admit though... It was overpowered to be level 1 and have a 40dps sword :P

6:47 PM  
Blogger L'Emmerdeur said...

Sure, but you KNOW if this had happened to shamans, they would have fixed the aggro first, then the sword.

8:00 AM  

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