13 July, 2005

New Blessing of Sanctuary animation is intended?

A Paladin was going around casting it on people in Ironforge like usual. He hadn't casted it on himself, so I decided to cast Blessing of Freedom on him (because I don't have Sanctuary). You know what I discovered? The Blessing of Freedom animation is slightly lighter. This isn't a lighting issue: it clearly is more white in color.

Combining this with the fact that it was not removed throughout the duration of the 1.6 beta which lasted for 1+ week... The new animation for Sanctuary must be intended. Yikes!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A lot of bugs got through the test server. I don't think they even paid attention to the issues on the boards.

--Pawpurr, level60 epic-geared paladin, HellScream server

3:26 PM  

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