12 October, 2005

Judgements now cause aggro

Paxx shot me an email and alerted me on a new stealth "nerf" to Judgements: turns out Judgements now cause aggro! In other words, if you slap on Judgement of Wisdom on Onyxia and have players shoot her with their wands, they will everytime the judgement effect procs be bumped further up on the aggro list. Woah!

This made me think... I wonder how good Judgement of Wisdom and Seal of Fury might be for tanking now!

And might it be related to this?


Anonymous nemof said...

it's quite interesting to see the effect that has on ony encounters for example. Even if you're a caster and you go in and whack ony with your staff she will spin around and aggro you. This is definately not working as intended, i watched a video of ony spinning like a spinning top, changing target 3-4 times a second, which is bloomin bad for any warrior tanking. Some guilds have just had to sit back and let the warrior dps ony down to phase 2 because of this. oh and it goes without saying palys should stop judging for the moment!

6:07 PM  
Anonymous Strongdar said...

Maybe all these bugs are a result of the devs mucking around with the pally code. That's my guess.

4:02 AM  
Blogger Mastgrr said...

Strongdar, I think you're on to something :)

9:39 PM  

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