20 March, 2007

Yep, Tankadin Gear Review Next Patch

Thanks Lorath for emailing me on this. Ommra says:
As previously promised I passed this on to the developers. I took the liberty of summarising the thread; basically saying that what you are after is gear with +Stamina, +Defense and +Spell damage, and that you are not very keen on +Intelligence and MP5 (Youngblood emphasised the need for more HP and damage mitigation instead).

The devs have read this and thought it sounded fair enough. Paladin tanking gear is going to be more geared towards tanking/hp so this concern should be addressed in the next content patch.

So, again, thank you for compiling this and helping me passing your concerns on to the devs.
I actually disagree with that intellect is not good for Paladin tanking, because some times we actually tank without taking heals so we need it to bust our abilities to keep things going. Good news regardless.


Blogger Micah said...

I've been wondering...

Why does the Tank/Healer hybrid lack a base (non-talented) Shield Blocking skill?

Redoubt? Talented.
Holy Shield? Talented.

How can you expect a Paladin of to tank ably - as an Arms/Fury Warrior, for example - unless you give us ALL Holy Shield?

Redoubt should be the icing on the cake. We all deserve Holy Shield.

Until this is done, we're not going to be real Tank/healer hybrids. Just my opinion. I wish they'd get over themselves an give us a better 21 point talent - not because Holy Shield sucks (it's great!) - but because a Shield Blocking skill is NECESSARY for any tanking class.

This isn't an oversight on Blizzard's part. They're doing it intentionally, though not maliciously. Paladins with 20 points in protection will always play second string to Arms/Fury Warriors when it comes to tanking simply because Warriors have Shield Block - regardless of spec - while Paladins have only Redoubt without 21 points in the tree.

If you HAVE to keep Holy Shield talented, move it to an 11 points talent, just like Improved Shield Block!

-Ghmou, Ex-Paladin Tank, now Holy for raiding. While the Moonkin, Ferals, and Shadowpriests pew pew, we heal. Go figure.

9:36 PM  
Blogger Lorath (EU Bloodhoof) said...

Ghmouh - I believe that might be due to our innate 'hybrid' nature, regardless of how cluless the devs are today on what to do with us. If you wanted a healer role, go Holy, wanna tank? Go Prot... that was probably the idea once.

Mastgrr - Some intellect is nice of course, without mana we're not much use, but a stronger focus on our survivability is highly desired. If we tank without getting healed much, odds are we aren't receiving much damage either... but I digress.

The changes will hopefully alleviate the endgame raiding situation and give us much needed hp & mitigation instead of budgetkilling mp5 & int, which in raids become close to worthless. We can only hope that this change will be for the better. :)

9:43 PM  
Anonymous Youngblood said...

@Mr Sucks

Oh, I didn't say that INT was worthless. It can be great in certain circumstances, and really useful in 5-mans. However, when it comes to raiding, we don't actually want more of it. At least not if the choice is between getting killed and having more mana.

12:53 AM  
Anonymous Suicidal Zebra said...

I see what you are saying Micah, and agree to a certain extent, but I think that it was always going to be a toss-up between a short-cooldown taunt and a Shield Block when it comes to baseline Paladin tanking improvements. Too much really would have got warriors up in arms over our abilities.

That said, I'd love to see Holy Shield moved (back) down to the 21pt talent in Prot and an Imp. HS talent at 25pts increasing the block chance/decreasing cooldown. Then One-handed Spec could be moved up to 35pts in Prot with a slight tweak (increases all damage dealt whist wielding a 1-handed weapon by 1-5% or perhaps something more imaginative ;) ) and we can ditch Weapon Expertise entirely.

Oh, and my 31pt talent? It would be Sanctuary, and aura which combines all the non-talent auras (and their Imp. Specs if taken) into one convenient aura. Or something like that ;).

2:23 AM  
Blogger Marcus said...

Pally tanks only need Int when they loose aggro, if healing is solid, I never have mana issue, and I have an anemic mana pool. They need +spl dmg to keep it. My favorite trinket right now is a little 'spell rage' jobby that temporarily boosts my +spell dmg by about 100, which is huge when I need to grab aggro back and adds a hefty amount of damage on a SoV 5-stacked dungeon boss.

3:02 AM  

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