28 February, 2007

Check Diz Out Yo, Boyakasha!

The official World of Warcraft website has gotten a new addition, the Armory! (Euro) (US)

It allows you to search for characters (I found out that there's plenty of human females named Florune, even one tard that's a male warrior) and search for guilds. Even check arena teams - sort em by battlegroup standings, server, wins, losses, the wholeshebang!

Pretty intuitive interface. AJAX solution web 2.0 zomg. Unfortunately it's a bit buggy, cause I can't load guild or character pages. Otherwise pretty damn cool. Strongly recommend that you check it out.


Anonymous Leord said...

Just one major question... Can it BE any slower? Why have a page with *statistics* and FILL it with everything BUT statistics? They hope to lure non-statistical interested people there?

In my experience, if a person isnt interested in statistics, he wont look closer to the numbers if there is a lot of pictures around it.

8:59 AM  

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