07 January, 2007

Weapon Expertise's Twin

Just shamelessly grabbing quotes from this thread. A couple of insightful factoids about Seal of Righteousness:

Imp SoR as it stands now gives you a whopping 12 extra damage per swing at level 70 for 5 talent points
Compared to nothing, 4% damage boost is nice. Compared to other talents a paladin has to boost damage... 4% boost to SoR/JoR is lousy for 5 talent points. Just look at some of the other options:
- Improved Judgement(2pts): lets us judge 25% more often... so in terms of damage output.. 25% more JoR damage for 2 talent points
- Sanctity Aura (1pt): 10% more holy damage
- Precision(3pts): over 3% more white and SoR damage due to less missing
- Reckoning(5pts): 100% more white and SoR damage when active
- One Hand Weapon Spec: 10% more white and SoR damage
So ya.... 4.5% boost to just SoR/JoR does stink compared to our other damage boosting talents. AND, that boost becomes even smaller than 4.5% as your gear gets better.
If you're a level 40 holy paladin who's trying to get the best damage out of his spec, Improved SoR is a very nice talent. It works well with players that haven't been able to build up the spell outside of their talents. At level 60 with any gear, you're much better off with other talent options.
Well since we are talking about tanking at 70 wouldn't we be using SoV instead, unless your a BElf pally I suppose.

Conclusively Imp. SoR becomes more and more irrelevant the higher level you get. Once you get Seal of Vengeance it's definitely moot.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everybody needs a "Wand Specialization" I suppose.

10:06 AM  
Blogger Ghmou / Micah said...

Hah, didn't they get rid of Wand Specialization for a reason?
Maybe it's still there, I don't know. I don't pay attention to Mages unless I'm sheeped. Then I just get angry.

I really think that Imp SoR would be a great talent if it did the following:
1) Increased SoR damage by 15% AFTER spelldamage gear. Might have to reduce the bonus a little or this could get out of control.
AND (notice, AND)
2) Also increased Seal of Vengeance (and Jov) damage my 15% AFTER spelldamage. Again, might have to reduce the bonus.

I'd take this (maybe a few points) if we could get at least the first change, and definitely if we got the 2nd change tacked on. However, this might be a little too uber. Perhaps change it to a 3 point talent for 10%? The "10% after spelldamage" would still be a crapload more than "15% before spelldamage" anyway. Having it apply to both of our tanking seals would be... incredible.

I'm ready to be overpowered, how about you? ;-D

9:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Well since we are talking about tanking at 70 wouldn't we be using SoV instead, unless your a BElf pally I suppose."

Depends on spec. If you dont have reckoning, then you will probably use SoV pretty much exclusively when tanking. If you DO have reckoning, you will probably turn SoR on when reckoning procs. Or simply keeping SoV stacked to max, with SoR in between. At 12 seconds or so, judge SoR and get another proc of SoV and go back to SoR.

5:21 PM  

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