02 January, 2007

Additions to The Ultimate Sigh

Slightly more calm here tonight than previous since I'm in a good, calm mood cause of the joyous time of the holidays. Had lots of good feedback on my post, but there were a couple that I missed so I've decided to complement it in a slightly different format. I'm also considering rewriting the old ones and adding them all together in a huge guide, but I'll probably get to that once I stop feeling lazy.

I'll start out with a simple one: Learn to Cleanse. Obviously most fights that require you to cleanse in PVE force you to focus on that role. But come on...in PVP if you see someone that's frozen by a Freezing Trap...Cleanse them you fool. Towards other Paladin players it just makes you look like a complete noob.

Please learn to switch auras when it's needed. Just don't run around with Devotion. It's stupid.
- If you're being pounded on by a Frost mage, switch to Frost. Fire mage or Warlock, switch to Fire. Shadow Priest or Warlock, switch to Shadow. McHammar said it's bad to use Devotion Aura in PVP because the other ones are more beneficial, and he's absolutely right. Use Concentration when you're healing, and so forth...
- This applies likewise in PVE. Just don't switch to the Fire when zoning in to Molten Core and leave it on there for the rest of the night: switch between pulls. Are you at Garr or pulling giants? Switch to Devotion. Crawling through the Suppression Room in Blackwing Lair? Switch to Retribution. Switch back to Devotion when engaging the Broodlord.

Speaking of the Suppression Room, please learn to use Blessing of Sacrifice appropriately. Even I find myself using this blessing very seldom in PVE against my better judgement. It is ironic because every time I use it I'm always commended for it, and that's of course fun. One guy I know usually gave me thanks for throwing Sacrifice even if there were plenty of other Pallies in the raid. I asked how he knew it was me - he responded with that I'm the only one that he's seen ever cast it on people so it had to be me.
- At spots where Mages and Warlocks do heavy AoE, use it! They're cloth. They love anything that will increase their survivability chances. You have this tool for a purpose. 55 damage might not seem like a lot, but when most of it is just hoards of small damage from several mobs at the same time adds up substantially. A good idea is to throw this on several cloth and then just heal yourself!
- The irony here is that the utility of it in PVE is slightly diminished through the fact that Sanctuary, Protection and Righteous Defense all can be used for the same thing. Sanctuary is less beneficial but it lasts longer, Protection lasts shorter and only works on one target (and only applies to physical damage) while Righteous Defense only works on up to three targets, requires you to do some tanking of your own and requires that you know the full impact of your positioning. They all work in different ways which requires you to do some quick thinking to figure out what's best for the situation. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't use Sacrifice though. A plus is that Sacrifice and Sanctuary even stack together. If you're a Paladin without a designated blessing for the night, feel free to be trigger happy.
- In PVP it's more than just transferring damage...it's anti-crowd control. If you're a good PVP Paladin you know that throwing this blessing up on a target will break you out of sheep, freeze traps and other abilities like that. I tend to throw it on cloth as well, just to give them the little nudge on survivability.

Learn to buff properly, please. Switch between Greaters and regulars appropriately. It's one of our class defining abilities and one of our absolutely most powerful strengths versus other classes. The reagents are cheap. Pack your bags and don't leave home without them. I always have four stacks in my bags and it's always sufficient.
- Thank god for Greater blessings which are best suited for PVE. Depending on your play style, raid leader strictness or team made demand you might be able to pull off of only blessing every time when the fifteen minutes are about to expire. You're really dedicated and less lazy than me if you're kind that gives five minute versions on the recently resurrected rogues. I know I should arguably be doing that too, but I'm not.
- In PVP the five minute versions are the best because people really don't tend to live that long for a reagent to be worth it. Don't feel reluctant to throw it around on every person you see, they will love you for it. Arguably one of the few good spots when to use Greaters in PVP is during the start of the game. When you're all split up later on, use regulars.


Blogger Ghmou / Micah said...

I've got Improved Concentration Aura and only 3/5 Spiritual Focus (like, 42% interrupt resist), so I run with Conc Aura up most of the time. Does this make me a bad person? =X

In other news, I'm surprised about how my mind has changed on the topic of the banning of Decursive. When I had Decursive, I enjoyed it because I felt like it was doing something tedious for me. Now that it's gone, I actaully enjoy(!) cleansing, especially in PvP. It's just so great to be running around smacking people in the face with a mace or cutting their faces off with a sword while tossing out 95 mana Cleanses (got the Libram!) and saving people from DoTs, from snare, and from being rooted. It just feels good!

I'm really enjoying my paladin right now even though I'm not putting out the heavy damage. Surprisingly, a minor change in the Battlegrounds has shifted my focus from my pitiful damage to my skillful (if somewhat weak) healing: The "amount healed" columnin the game summary window. =D I'm always happy when I'm on top, especially when there are Priests or Druids beneath me. I'm happy because I know that I contributed heavily to the win, and I was still able to do a whole bunch of other things while I was keeping people alive.

In other news, I got my first piece of PvP gear since the new system came about: Marshal's Lamellar Legplates (whatever). I was previously using Legguards of the Fallen Crusader, so this is kind of a sidegrade. I basically took a hit on every stat (-8 str, -2 sta, -22agi[though I retained the ~1% crit], -43 armor, but I got some mp/5 (I think) and like 27 spellpower). It's worth it to me.

That is all. Happy New Year!!!

11:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

errr, it would be nice to give several clothies BoSacrifice but unfortunately, you can only cast it on a single person. Recasting it on another will rmeove it from the first one.

boSacrifice is really great for aoe-situations, our raid has an aoe-leader and the paldin, who normally buffs salvation buffs him sacrifice; this increases his aggro(due to the missing salvation) and allows him to tank the mobs pretty well, since he receives 79 dmg less from each attack.

About buffing in PVP, I really don't know, what I should buff casters. I'm ret so I can't cast Kings or Sanctuary; Salvation is useless in PVP, Might doesn't help casters at all and Wisdom also such a minimal effect, since they will barely fight long enough to go oom

12:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please learn to switch auras when it's needed. Just don't run around with Devotion. It's stupid.

As far as PVP is concerned, Concentration Aura ALWAYS. Even when I am retribution and I have the one point in Sanctity Aura, I still use Concentration Aura most of the time. Its far to risky not to be using it.

If you're being pounded on by a Frost mage, switch to Frost. Fire mage or Warlock, switch to Fire. Shadow Priest or Warlock, switch to Shadow

Logic would dictate this is the wisest thing to do, but to loose casting time against a caster is game over vs. potentially resisting one of 4 or 5 spells.

McHammar said it's bad

While I'll agree with the devotion aura statement, but Ill start to care more about what he has to say when he shows us he can do more then just stand in place and build reckoning charges.

Players that play Paladins are just plain retarded. You cannot change them, or nor will they ever. Just by playing this game for the 2+ years its been out the age demo graph for Alliance is much lower then it is for Horde. The sad thing is, its going to take Horde Paladins to make most of the retarded Alliance Paladins realize that this class is more then just a 2-Handed brainless Devo Aura, Blessing of Might bubble 5 min to accomplish anything class. Just wait and see.

If I asked all of the Paladins out there, what is the MOST practical PVP use for Blessing of Sacrifice, they would scratch their head. And I would get 1 or 2 answers from 1000 players.

Drum roll
It can Pop Sheep when you're target takes damage. If you're a Paladin and you have been playing you're class a year, and didn’t know this one, go some ware else. Because you’re wasting you're time.

Most Paladins probably do not have Blessing of Freedom on their main bar, Cleanse on their main bar, and I still think now they don’t have Seal of Justice on their main bar. If you’re one of these Paladins, I think you should GTFO.

4:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find switching auras alot is very difficult in PVP as there is always usually a spell i would rather be using. The GCD can be brutal.

5:17 PM  
Anonymous snow said...

Better yet, when in the suppression room, the AQ tunnel, or the Naxx spider wing, queue up your RF and lay down a consecration. This goes double if you have redoubt, and triple if you're full prot. One of the mages in my guild told me that the mages talked about me in their channel: they know when I am up there consecrating, they know they will never pull aggro from AoE. I am the MT for the skitterer packs in Naxx (Note: Don't try this unless you have the gear for it, they hurt.)

Just make sure the healers know what you're doing.

5:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blessing of Sacrifice is great when you're the flag escort. For me, I have bind Blessing of Freedom on my middle button, and Cleanse on Shift middle button. I have a self cleanse on ` key, thus I can pretty much keep myself and the flag carrier going.

Oh, thank you for reminding me to use Libram of Grace. I'm too used to using Libram of Light (since I'm using TargetofTarget Flash of Light during Warmaster & Drek fight). I supposed my standard PVP profile should include using Libram of Grace.

4:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To commentator #3:
Grammar and spelling errors deflate your (not you're) rant.

6:55 PM  

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