08 January, 2007

Sug's for Prot

Ghmou has made an interesting post, critiquing the Feral Druid tree because they get both increased DPS and tanking abilities with one collective tree whereas when we Paladins spec Protection we gimp ourselves in both damage and healing.

I recently specced Protection and I can agree. With the increased spell damage output by Holy Paladins and gear they can steal aggro from me pretty well. They've also got blessed life which is about 5% damage reduction. So after some thinking here are my suggestions to improve conditions for Protection Pallies:

Once again I strongly recommend Blizzard to move Improved Retribution Aura down to Tier 2 Retribution and either keep it at 2 points or increase it to 3 points (different amount of points will make it compete with either Imp. Judgement or Imp. SotC). Heck, why not move it to Protection and replace it Imp. Concentration Aura with it instead! That'd be golden.

Because Weapon Expertise is so far down in to the Protection tree and because it is so worthless (it might sound excessive and not constructive, but it really is worthless due to the weapon skill change) make it in to a flat increase of damage on dazed and stunned targets or similar effect to it. It'd promote a synergy with both Avenger's Shield and Hammer of Justice. It'd promote Rogues and other classes to stun and daze your targets while you are tanking which would be awesome.

Then, of course...and I know this is far-fetched considering that they haven't done it even if it was a major complaint from day one: removing the dead zone on Avenger's Shield. It would be absolutely perfect. I really think doing that small thing would be absolutely excellent change and really give an uplift to the Protection tree as a whole.

I know one of the major reasons why the developers want to keep the dead zone is so that we don't throw it around while tanking and I can understand to a certain degree because it's both a daze and a high damage output. Maybe nerfing the damage would have to be done if the deadzone is removed. Another issue I can foresee is that it'd maybe make it so that many Prot Pallies would "waste it" and find himself having it on the cooldown when a mob is fleeing or aggro someone - but I think that'd just increase a degree of strategy and fun to the ability, but that's me. And I also know the developers don't want the 41st talent of a tree to be a necessity or obligatory to get when speccing a specific tree. But then what is Crusader Strike?

Well first of all: for being a 41 talent only using it for pulling or escaped mobs is a shame for such a cool talent. I really wish I could use it more beyond that. Plus: we're the best multi-target (3 to 4+ targets) tank in the game and I don't see why we then can't use it to enhance our ability to do that! And together with my suggested change to Weapon Expertise, Avenger's Shield and Hammer of Justice would be more used when tanking (or doing general melee combat).


Anonymous snow said...

I would like to see some sort of additional mitigation ability, rather than additional threat ability. Our threat is fine; way above warriors, in fact. My suggestion would be
"Improved Holy Shield: While Holy Shield is active, spell damage is reduced by an additional 5%/10%/15%."

Sort of a poor man's spell reflect. It would also give us a reason to use shields against caster's, and a situational mitigation advantage, which is what prot paladins need at this point to become useful without being OP. Also it opens some strategic use of abilities(saving Holy Shield for just before a flame breath, for instance)

12:59 AM  
Anonymous Leord said...

Not a comment on this blog entry, I just wanted to ask if you noticed that you are featured on http://www.wow-europe.com/en/ under "Community"?

They seem to have taken a liking to your ramblings of Seal of Justice...

Who'd imagine? The blog that was mentioned negatively by a CM on the forums is now featured on the main page (well, that was probably by misscomminucation, but never the less, I thought you had far to critizising material to be posted there!).

2:28 PM  
Blogger Mastgrr said...

Grats to Vaelin on being featured.

It's not the first time Leord as far as I know, too. The simple fact is that this blog isn't a foaming-at-the-mouth anti-Blizzard flamefest that the name seems to imply. Paladinsucks is highly ironic title and is arguably satire.

I really don't think Eyonix thought Ghmou's signature linked to a real website, that's all.

Twice I've taken up the idea of changing the name just so people stop being bothered about it, but so far most people want to keep it so I guess it stays :)

For example WoWInsider has said that this blog is at its prime when everything is written in caps (lol!) - and yeah, sometimes it can get pretty heavy, but the majority of the posts I think are very fair and even headed. I have to admit though that I love writing angry posts.

Anyways, it's definitely an honor to get linked on their community watch. It's quite a prestige.

5:55 AM  
Anonymous Namisar said...

I agree with all of your points except your basic one. I don't believe it is unfair. I am 10/41/0 I've been playing since launch etc etc etc.

I can heal and tank at the same time. Druids can DPS and tank at the same time. I don't see why pallies are QQ-ing about their lack of DPS in comparison to druids. As a support class player from day 1 I would rather heal/tank than DPS/tank.

5:17 PM  

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