02 December, 2006

I've Got the Talent!

Apparently Divine Illumination got buffed to 15 seconds now. You know what signal this sends? The talent ain't gun be replaced.

No change for Weapon Expertise (still junk). The nerfs on Crusader Strike to 10 sec and Vengeance down to 10% still are in it seems.

Here's a good thread which details many talents which are pretty bad (except Ardent Defender! It rocks!).

You know what they should do? Move Improved Retribution Aura to Tier 2 on the Retribution tree. It's completely possible because we don't get the aura until level 16. That way Prot users can get it more easily and it doesn't get completely overshadowed by Sanctity. Also gives freedom to get something else besides Improved Seal of the Crusader.

I also wouldn't mind see Improved Seal of Righteousness shortened down to three points. It's absolutely too expensive for being five points. I wouldn't mind seeing it bumped up to Tier 1 Holy either.


Blogger Lord Vir said...

How can anyone have a 'worst talent' thread without divine purpose? It's utter crap for a 30 point talent.

Ardent defender would be cool if there was some kind of icon that popped up when it was active. Blessed life could really use an animation or something so you know it procs.

Divine illumination could still use a little something more. Maybe +150 to damage and healing along with the added efficency?

Retribution aura would make more sense fuction wise in prot, even if it's called 'retribution aura'

iSoR sucks. The first tier of holy sucks for leveling up (10% of your strength or int at level 15? lol).

9:35 PM  

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