28 November, 2006

Monday Schumnday

Talesavo, who was featured in Vaelin's post, has a new video out which you should check out! Paladin tanking for the win.

Ghmou wants you to check these threads:
- Avenger's Shield passes through Ice Block (pic).
- Tier 5 reskins. Pic #1. Pic #2.
- And a REALLY long post by a Warrior on tanking. Popcorn thread.

Had some troubles with my guild last night. We got the blue/green combo on Nef and we just wiped and wiped (we normally don't do this). For some reason Battle Shout just wasn't grabbing enough aggro (we began to speculate that the threat nerf was pre-patched or something). After five tries and changing strategy twice, we called it quits. Today we did the same thing and did it on the first try. Really weird. Also...here's the funny part. After Nef we went for Ony. We had like more deaths on Ony than on Nef...and oddly enough that is always the case for us. Is it because we slack off so much? Dunno. Could also be due to that people relog on to their alts.

Also...here's a tip for you guys: don't have Lay on Hands next to Divine Intervention on the action bar! I just can't stress enough on this! Once on Ony I was freaking out cause the MT was losing health fast and mashed my keyboard and hit DI instead of LoH, causing the raid to wipe (it was my worst nightmare, literally). Anyways, that was probably the worst mistake I've ever done.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The other day on the BETA, I bubbled with the WSG flag, I haven't been able to play BC for awhile now seeing as I'm not home and all. Anyone else able to try this?

5:37 AM  
Blogger Vaelin said...

DI the MT on Ony - lol n00b

On a bright note, we've officially declared BWL on "farm" after downing Nef for our third time tonight. Still no Judgement breastplate, though an Ashkandi dropped the second time. My DKP hoarding is pushing my points ever closer to 1k and beyond (we use a fixed point value for drops system, you lose those points, everyone else gets their share). I'm holding out for my Judgement Spaulders, then the rest of the set. Ideally would like to be 8/8 with a Herald of Woe before the expansion hits shelves.

7:12 AM  
Blogger Mastgrr said...

Yeah, I want to have 8/8 Judgement also before the expansion hits. Last time the BP dropped was ten weeks ago. My guild have had Nef on farm now for three months and we've have yet to have a single Transcendent BP drop.

9:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From the thread about T5 looks, this picture deserves a mention aswell. I think it's more or less safe by now to assume that wings are out of the Blizzard design rulebook but nevertheless, it tickles the mind. :)

11:53 AM  
Anonymous Jade said...

For the long tanking thread I like the poster who said your entire post can be summed up as

We don't have enough rage to tank with, I think that's the issue.

Let's look at it this way though. Once the expansion is live when you create a new character 60 won't be a stopping point to get all epiced out, it's just kinda of a milestone like 20 or 40 are. Your not going to have all the epic gear this guy has when your a new 60 and yet your still going to be asked to tank if your a warrior or a paladin or a druid in the expansion.

Rage is based off taking damage and this guy is wearing the equivalent gear someone several levels higher than him. Why do most tanks who are still doing ony after farming BWL use a 2 hander and not put on full FR? She's not generating enough rage for them. Why because their gear is better than that encounter level.

Personally I think that's exactly what's happening to this guy as he tries to tank. He's going full prot, whipping out a shield and pretending these encounters are equal level to him but they aren't. He's not going to generate the rage needed because if he did fresh new 60 tanks wouldn't stand a chance tanking these instances.

Now paladins aren't reliant upon rage so our tanking scales DOWN better. Not to mention the fact that he pointed out that most of us don't have a ton of tanking gear to throw on.

Bear Druids I believe should be getting the same normalization treatment that warriors got for rage. If they don't then they will probably end up being the superior tanks and I don't think that's what blizzard intended but from this guys post and everywhere else I've read, it is what's happening.

Now let's see what happens when he get's to level 68 or 70 and has equal level gear to an instance and if he still feels he's a sub par tank.

5:59 PM  
Anonymous jade said...

Oh yeah and I gotta say, since blizzard isn't announcing tier 5 yet I think this is their crazy joke to get our mind off nerfing CS + Vengeance and possibly other nerfs they will put on us before they release the patch. Giving the paladin community something to rally around besides the nerf bat and then changing it to give us something more bearable as armor.

Bliz execs are laughing their asses off at us right now. I don't blame the community though, this stuff is hideous and I can only hope I'm right :(

If I'm not...my pally will never pick this stuff up.

7:03 PM  
Anonymous Jerey-Darkspear said...


I DI'd our tank on Nef at about 19% and we managed to get Nef down to 3%. We could've done it if we'd had a fear ward. But yeah, I've also moved my DI away from the LoH since then.

That's one surefire way to make you feel bad about yourself.

8:32 PM  
Anonymous icehouse said...

yup DI'd the tank on phase 1 of Nef, and watched 20 dragons go maul our casters.

- DI sucks

11:09 PM  

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