21 November, 2006

Great TBC Paladin Tanking Video

I ran across this thread while browsing the Paladin forums this morning. If you're looking forward to tanking in the expansion, you should check out the video. Watch closely and you can even see him use the taunt once or twice.

My observations:

Talesavo has some impressive gear, having reached Grand Marshal at some point in his playing career. He's also sporting at least a couple Avenger's pieces. In spite of this, he doesn't seem to have very much "tank gear," i.e. with defense and such.

Spiritual Attunement looks really cool. You can see it clearly in action thanks to the built in scrolling combat text. I foresee forum signatures mirroring the Warlock lifetap ones, reading something like, "Turning healer mana into blue rage since 2007."

I'll have to watch it again, but it seems like he uses a macro for our taunt. Thanks to the somewhat clunky mechanics of Righteous Defense (though I fully understand Blizzard's reasoning in designing it as such), Paladins who wish to MT will need to set up such a macro if they want optimum reaction time. Retargeting and manually casting the spell takes far too long.

Along with the above comment, it bothered me to not see the target-of-target turned on. I would think you would ensure that was activated, especially if you were main tanking. I love this feature and am really glad it got brought into the default UI.


Anonymous Taritus said...

I've been wondering about the righteous defense mechanic for a bit now. Can you not cast it through assist like you can cast heals and stuff?

For instance, some of the rock guys in MC tend to ping-pong around the raid a lot. So I've taken to targeting these guys and then I can hit the hot-key for, let's say Flash of Light, and then just hit the assist key (F by default) to cast my heal on the mobs current target. This way I never lose the mob as my target but I can cast the heals on whoever he is hitting at the moment.

Can Righteous Defense not be cast this way? (E.g., target the mob you want to taunt, hit RD, then hit assist.)

(If the PTR would stay up for more than ten minutes every time I log into it, I guess I could try this myself. :))

6:33 PM  
Anonymous snow said...

Yes it can. Easiest to set up a macro though.

8:55 PM  
Blogger Thoma said...

The macro will look like this:

/cast [alt, harm, target=targettarget] Rightous Defense; Judgement; [shift, harm]Seal of Vengence

That macro will cast RD on my target's target if my target is hostile and I hold down alt. Judgement with no key down, Seal of Vengence if the target is hostile and I hold down shift.

9:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, it's nice to see a video, however the DPS gave him a fair amount of time to get initial aggro. In a normal raiding environment I don't think he'd have so much grace.

It's great to see other paladins flying the flag and showing that we CAN tank though :D

I've tanked Ramparts and BFurnace a couple of times.

Kelidan movie here: http://fpad.filefront.com/?http://files.filefront.com/kelidanthebreakerwmv/;6209980;;/fileinfo.html

11:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Link broke :(

Kelidan movie

11:47 AM  

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