16 October, 2006

Latest Round of Changes

Thanks Lord Vir for bringing this up. Here's the latest round of Paladin changes:
- Holy
Lasting Judgement - Replaced with "Sanctified Light", which "Increases the critical strike chance of your Holy Light spell by 2/4/6%."
Holy Shock - Cooldown reduced to 15 seconds.

- Retribution
Empowered Judgement - Renamed "Sanctified Judgement".
Haha...man. Those were some good Holy tree changes. See! I just said I wanted more spell damage and healing power to make the tree more attractive. The Holy Shock cooldown cut is two birds with one stone.

Consider this: Now with Holy Power and Sanctified Light you get 11% spell crit with Holy Light out of the box. Then stack factor in Illumination, Divine Illumination and Light's Grace. Sweet jesus! Every time you crit with Divine Illumination you get base Holy Light mana cost back.

I'm really sad to see Lasting Judgment go. It was actually one of my favorite talents in the entire tree. I guess now we're really going to be forced to stay in melee range to keep our Judgments up, which our community is probably very divided on. Many of us have always wanted to be in melee range in fights and love when this is promoted. But, then again, there are plenty of fights when we simply can't/don't go melee (I don't know of of anyone who does it on Huhuran for example). So what we're getting here is really just losing out on options how to play our class. It's going to be fun though now to have to adjust mentally considering I've been using Lasting Judgement now for such a long time.


Blogger Thoma said...

Not so much an issue with the judgement timer. Just remember that the Ret Paladin is going to be keeping both yours and his judgements up.

10:04 PM  
Anonymous Arganoth said...

Think of it this way...

You're giving up 40 second judgement of lights and wisdoms...for 6% holy light crit.

Id not call that a "nerf" or a "bad deal". Especially since every heal you crit is a free heal. All you have to do is reach the threshhold where you're gaining more mana than you're losing and the paladin is suddenly an AWESOME healer.

As for judgement of Light and wisdom...It seems that they added Crusader Strike to help alleviate that. Since now 1 retribution paladin can keep up the judgements of an entire group of paladins. So lasting judgement didnt go away, you just have to have a ret buddy for it now.

10:29 PM  
Anonymous snow said...

I've had to keep up light/wis on huhuran without lasting judgement before. It sucks, but it's doable without taking too much splash. Keep in mind, in the expansion, taking damage as a paladin helps you heal. You take 2k splash damage, you cost a priest a renew for 400 mana, you gain 200 mana, and he gets his mana back from wanding your judgement.

11:18 PM  
Blogger Thoma said...

Eh, I just had to do that last night. I farking hate being in the sponge group. Too many noob rogues.

11:20 PM  
Anonymous Sucidal Zebra said...

As far as Paladin healing goes, the killer is just how well we scale in TBC in terms of Hit-points Per Second. There can be little doubt that we will still maintain premium mana efficiency, but the question has be justifiably raise regarding the quality of Paladin healing. Holy Shock can't do a good job, it heals for too little and is on too long a cooldown. Lights Grace and Holy Light looks promising, but limited downranking means that it could be a very easy way to go OOM pretty quickly. FoL may well be pretty useless given larger HP totals and more damage by mobs.

I applaud any change which gets us away from a buff-bot mentality in PvE. It may be that the SoR change is intended in that regard so we may go high-holy and still maintain a melee-hybrid role. Until I have my grubby little hands on TBC or a decent write-up from all angles by a Beta tester I worry about any changes which will tempt raids to see just how far they can get on only one Blessing, JoW and a holy-specc'd healing bitch.

As for Avengers Shield, it seems that it is just a pulling device and PvP snare. Bit of a shame given the promise it showed early on (the amount of damage it does is too lack-lustre for PvP given the new sta. weighting), but I guess you can't have everything. Hopefully it will get a bit of an improvement, though we shall have to wait and see.

11:29 PM  
Anonymous Reeve said...

It's nice to see that holy shock has had its cooldown reduced, however it just isn't a viable raid utility due to the size of the heal and the cost. PvP it is a life saver!

I will miss lasting judgement as I used to spend atleast one point in it to get up in the holy tree. That one point did provide a difference and even if PvP it was useful since refreshing judgements while being hit on and trying to heal yourself made it somewhat troublesome.

It's really good to see that paladins ARE getting positive changes, I wonder if there is a Paladin player holding the devs at gun point telling them to give us positive changes...soon in our talent tree we will see talents named "Please Help", "We are at", "Gun Point."

We can only hope for more positive changes and I think overall most Paladins are happy with the changes.

1:25 AM  
Anonymous Gerbodis said...

Obvviously they havent been implemented yet, but so far...I can't believe how fun my pally is now. I hav ebeen running around outlands all day just Destroying everybody, Since i have more melee gear like crusader I am in ret down right before repentence, and in holy to Divine Favor. But I'm mixed with holy dmg gear and melee so I am balanced nice, I have used a 1h and shield on every person i fought so far no matter what class and still destroy them, it's all thanks to SoR, and suprising the horde with the new JoJ, because if they are on a mount, and you JoJ them it makes them go your speed, and this being new they just wait for it to run off only it doesn't cuz it's recharged everytime i swing.

3:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I agree, it's nice to see some great paladin changes coming out and I think I'm beginning to see the wisdom of adding shaman to the alliance and paladin's to the horde so that we can see our class shine the way we have always wanted it to do but didn't want to hear the horde complain about because they couldn't get it.

Still I think the change to holy light's crit chance is also very needed as it sounds like paladin's won't be able to spam flash of light or cast downranked Holy Light to keep up with the healing needed in most raid situations with the increase in hit points. So to compensate and keep the paladin's from going OOM a lot quicker from the spamming of the bigger Holy Lights they now need to give us some mana efficiency to our biggest heals.

Lasting Judgement changing does kind of make me rethink how I have to play but I think it also benefits us with the change to allowing one paladin to keep the judgements up, this actually means we will be able to have our judgements up on MORE mobs more of the time since 3 paladins in a raid can judge a target and 2 of them can forget it, and the paladin that specced to have to constantly be hitting a target isn't changing his role in any way to continually beat on the mob.

Overall I'm not in the beta and wasn't in the alpha but from what I've heard I'm finally impressed with the paladin. Now if only aura's would be raid wide...mmmm

4:07 AM  
Blogger Lord Vir said...

I'm a bit bummed to see lasting judgement go as well. When I was holy/prot spec, I would start out in group pvp by judging light on a target, in effect giving my group a Heal over Time as they beat on the judged target.

Sanctified light is a nicer talent however. 2.0 second holy light spells that have nearly a 20% chance to crit will be nice, although I do fear for the healbot paladin with the co-efficent nerfs.

The critadin in me is still too happy with crusader strike to care. ;)

4:14 AM  
Blogger Lord Vir said...

Oh I should probably mention, there is a lot of spell crit on one of our options for pvp rewards in BC


That will work nicely with the new holy light talent.

4:16 AM  
Anonymous Leord said...

The removal of lasting judgements should be ok in he main situations they whould been used, like in raids. Mainly because pala no 2 can stand up front, making sure party members get extra healed, extra crit chance, holding up +3% crit to all members of raid.

Regarding SoR, I have felt a tremendous power with it, and I dont think I have very much +spelldamage at all! Even with Sulfuras, it feels like SoR is better. SoC gives 400-900 damage every 4-5 swings (misses, parries, dodges increase with higher lvl mobs), but SoR (with JotC + the JotC Libram) gives 300-500 EVERY hit, as well as 500-700 on the judgements.

What is the use of SoC? Unreliable, comparable amount DPS?

8:07 AM  
Anonymous snow said...

another new libram:


9:16 PM  
Anonymous CK said...

You take 2k splash damage, you cost a priest a renew for 400 mana, you gain 200 mana, and he gets his mana back from wanding your judgement.

Only if you are speced that far into the Protection Tree, the ability isn't trained it's a talent. I won't be, I have 11 pts in Prot for Kings and the rest Holy and plan to stay that way. This reduces my raid functionality a great deal.

4:43 PM  
Anonymous CK said...

NM - It is a new spell not talent but it's only 10% of the healing effect at level 66.

6:36 PM  

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