12 October, 2006

My Eyes...the Goggles Do Nothing!

Sorry. I was too caught up in chatting in Ventrilo about epic lewtz and playing my Druid in ZG to think about what impacts the Closed Beta has for leaked info and such. Ah well...

Ghmou alerted me of two threads by Tinaris where one encompasses several aspects of the class from things such as Spiritual Attunement (which he says is very powerful, just as I expected) to Judgement of Justice and such. And the other is a write up on Seal of Vengeance which looks pretty sweet, full of goody details. Third, there's one by Bruse that details more about the Holy tree and group PVP.

I suggest you read all the responses they make in the threads. It's good non-blue reading.

Popcorn. Soda. Yum.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

To summarize: Awesome items (why am I suspicious?), SoV is the expected buff to PvE and doesn't do anything in PvP (also expected), JoJ is not a snare and can be broken by Rogue's Improved Sprint talent, and so on.
Healing took a dive, Prot got buffed and Ret.... well, actually, there seems to be conflicting opinions about it.

Bruse says: Healbots, same procedure as every year.
Tinaris says: We can actually try to be hybrids and dish out some sweet dmg (?).

I'm confused but expect the worst.

9:58 AM  
Blogger Ghmou / Micah said...

Hmm. Well, he seems to indicate that SoV would be useful in a 1v1 setting, even using a slow 1h weapon because you KNOW you're going to be hitting the same person the whole time. Also, being able to judge it for 600 holy damage (with a 5 stack) while the target is taking 150 damage every 3 seconds is pretty nice. The judgement gets a 43% spelldamage coefficient, and the DoT gets 17% per tick. It's pretty good against Warriors, I would think. Holy damage bypasses armor, and the Warrior has no way to get rid of the debuff. Additionally, we can STILL have a Judgement of another type on them at the same time, like Wisdom or JoJ r2.

JoJ is kinda ambiguous. It is removed when a Rogue uses Imp Sprint, as well as when a Druid changes forms, but can't it be reapplied? If you time it right, the Rogue will STILL be moving at 100% speed, as will the Druid (until she shifts again).

Overall, this is very heartening. I'm SO glad to hear that we will get a lesser version of Spiritual Attunement at 22, so he says, that gives 8% of healing back as mana. That's awesome.

He seems to be very upbeat about our tanking abilities, and also seems to indicate that Ret is... ok. It really still probably depends on the gear. Tri speccing will be pretty great now. I know I'm going to do 8/42/11. In fact, I'm tinkering right now. I won't be straight tank specced, nor straight prot pvp specced, but I will be able to manage both pretty well. Here's a link if you want it:


Should work pretty well.

Overall, I'm pleased. Isn't it kind of funny though that this is the MOST information we've gotten since BC was announced, and it's coming through an Alpha playtester? How sad. Kalgan better show up soon instead of hiding his head in his ass.

10:07 AM  
Anonymous Arganoth said...

Now if only that could have come from blue...

Those posts really help the optimism level come back up some. I find myself still a bitter husk, but not a bitter husk thinking of ways to destroy the world...of warcraft...

Its something id have to get my hands on and play for a bit to truly decide, which means im gonna have to shell out the cash to buy it and give it a test run. Ah well, an addict and his money are soon parted I suppose.

2:06 PM  

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