25 October, 2006

Blood Elf Ballads

Simple fact:

Meterosexuals aren't gay.

In our society a fashion for middle-to-upper class is to be very thin. Simply a really thin body type. The male Blood Elves certainly reflected that.

Nice to see that anything that goes against the stream of the male being muscular and large equals being homosexual. The homophobes won this battle, that's for sure. Now we can all crawl back in to our caves and conform to the age-old stereotypes that we grew up with once again, rejoicing the sweet victory of homogenization.

Thankfully this was changed before someone played Blood Elves and became converted to the practice of lezzies and gaylords.


Anonymous Vaelin said...

I did some reading up on the term "metrosexual" and I can honestly say it doesn't fit me at all, lol. It's rare enough for me to get in a shave after the shower in the morning, let alone "exfoliation and moisturization." My bone structure is such that I'd still look stocky if I lost a substantial amount of weight. As for my wardrobe, let's just say a utilitarian philosophy of Comfortable/Casual/Cotton trumps anything but the most basic consideration for how I'll be viewed that day (I couldn't really get away with sweat pants at work). For my preference, I'm as straight as straight comes, and an overly feminine male I tend to find obnoxious.

In spite of all this, I was looking forward to rolling a Blood Elf in the expansion. From an aesthetic point of view, I think they were well in line to take first place away from Humans for best looking in the game's gear. Elves are traditionally more "feminine" overall in their appearance and mannerisms. Just don't say it out loud, or you'd end up with a half dozen arrows in your torso in the span of a few seconds.

I think the change to the Blood Elf physique was unnecessary and counterproductive, but I wouldn't get as worked up as you are over the change. I'm at the point of cancelling my subscription in light of our CS and Vengeance nerfs - something far outshadowing this matter. Sounds like it hit a little too close to home there, chief. A big fan of Entourage are we?

8:43 AM  
Blogger Mastgrr said...

To be frank, I really don't think that the nerfs to Crusader Strike and Vengeance is that horrible. Is it bad that we lose power? Definetly. But I thought of it more as unfortunate than unexcusable.

One way Blizzard designs things is by first making stuff overpowered, and then they tune it down. This is how they balanced Warcraft 3 for example. I guess that philosophy would apply to this case. The updates we get on the website is just work in progress that we actually get to watch in real time (sorta).

The talent still looks pretty good and Retribution still is the tree with the best prospects. Yeah, it's really weird they nerfed a two year old talent. And yes, it'll cause some problems with the Judgement mechanics so I hope that Blizzard have read our comments about that and act properly upon it.

But I really wish though that we'd spend less time talking about Retribution and more about Holy and Protection, especially Avenger's Shield and Divine Illumination. Cause this is just a repeat of how Protection is the pile of crap it is today: during 1.9 beta all we were talking about was Holy this and Ret that. Protection was left out in the dust and for release it was just a steaming pile of goo. One year later it still is.

We as a community definetly have the power of persuasion. I really think we should just stop using that power on the Ret tree and put more effort on the two others.

On Blood Elf males though: Really the reason why I'm upset about this is mainly because of the background for it. You think Blizzard altered the physique because armor and weapons look better? Nope. It's because everybody were afraid to play characters that were "faggots". This issue was tipped in favor on my rage scale for this week.

9:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Mastgrr... read your blog a lot but i'm afraid I must disagree with your observations somewhat.

CS was not overpowered in itself every other Class can destroy us if talented the right way.. that would not have changed with CS at 6 secs & vengeance at 15%. It would have just balanced the scales to a degree. We need to be loud about this we need to be heard if raising a shit storm is the only way to do it... well it's worked for everyone else

The real problem is the nerf is a result of a few Paladins wandering round beta with Uber Gear & other Char's crying b'cos they won't necessarily be getting free Honour from every Paladin they meet.

You miss the Mark on protection also. Avenger's shield is a PVP talent.. long cooldown high mana cost are up for argument it could be used to pull in PVE also with care.

Protection is flawed for two reasons IMO.

Ardent Defender is a gr8 idea but it starts to mitigate way too l8.

for solo grinding it's fine not much is going to be hitting you for over 1k

But for a Paladin MT it's crazy

I'm at 21% health get critted chances are I will be dead or close to it, certainly to close to receive a heal.

It really really should mitigate for 20% damage starting at 50% health.

This way it's more or less guaranteed to be useful.

Secondly we need some kind of health buff in protection without this there is no way of being competitive with a Druid Tank let alone a Prot specced warrior.

Get these two things right & we can argue back & forth about the minor mechanics.

Spiritual attunement will reduce/remove our mana problems.

Righteous defence will take some getting used to but i don't doubt it will become pretty close to being as effective as Taunt.. hell who knows bosses might not even be immune to it.

No we need to shout about Ret.. I may not spec for it but it would be nice for once to really have three completely viable choices come TBC

1:38 PM  

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