22 October, 2006

Interesting Perspective

Micah wanted me to alert you guys of this post by Anazgros where he goes through as to why Pallies need to have increased spell damage coefficiency.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think there is any class who gets more spell damage due to cooldown.

I could be wrong though.

3:00 AM  
Blogger Ghmou / Micah said...

Well, they don't get more spelldamage, but they still get at least a 1.5s modifier to their instant spells (for the global cooldown).

If anything, that means that Paladins might deserve the 1.5s coefficient for their seals (instant cast) OR a coefficient derived from the 30s duration of the seal (like a Warlock's DoT coeffcient). I'm not entirely sure which one woudl give more, probably the 1.5 coeffecient due to the fact that Paladins are often judging every 8-10 seconds.

Perhaps spread the spelldamage over 10-30 seconds worth of the seal? I mean, yes, find a balance, but 10% for SoR (12% on a 2h weapon) seems a bit low.

Especially considering the higher stamina of our enemies come expansion time, and coupled with the fact that our DPS (and particularly our threat generation as tanks) is largely dependant upon +spellpower, there needs to be a slightly greater emphasis on that particular facet of the class, if only for the benefit of non-SoComm users.

As a tank, I will typically have a lot less strength than your average ret Paladin, so most of my threat will be coming strictly from Holy damage. We're going to need a bit more of that to be "competative tanks" and to prevent ourselves from being pigeonholed in PvP to simple healbots.

Granted, healing in PvP is important. I spend most of my time using BoSac and BoF to keep a warrior free of the bad stuff, while also tossing off low cost, high valued heals (BoLight).

There's a balance to be found to make sure that a sword and board Paladin can at least be somewhat competative as both a healing/supporting class, as well as one that can crank out at least a little damage to finish off wounded enemies.

I dunno, but I know I would like at least a slightly higher coefficient due to my view that most "paladin" weapons and armor will be utilizing Spellpower more than Str/Agi.

4:04 AM  
Blogger Ghmou / Micah said...

Turns out they ARE increasing coefficients for SoR and such.

SoR is now:

1h weapon: 9.2% coefficient per 1.0 speed of the weapon: 2.0 speed weapon gets 18.4%, up from 10%

2h weapon: 10.8% coefficient per 1.0 speed of weapon: 3.0 speed weapon gets 32.2%, up from 12%.

Good stuff.

Additionally, Healing Light is now applied AFTER +healing. =D


4:32 AM  
Blogger Ghmou / Micah said...

Another thing: Did they nerf the Improved Auras talent in Prot?

I could have sworn it used to be 3%/6%, just like Imp Sanctity. Now it is 3%/5% according to the talent calulator.

5:09 AM  
Blogger Mastgrr said...

I think it's always been 3-5% mainly because Warriors also get 5%.

7:34 AM  
Blogger Andrew said...

Just a thought about paladin tanking.

Warriors (and bears) can't really take advantage of priest shields, as they need rage: we don't.

Add in the reflective discipline shield (which, I imagine, does holy damage), and you've got another nice 700 damage at the front end of a pull.

11:09 AM  
Anonymous snow said...

It was 6%. And it was also all spell damage, not just the matching type. And warriors get 10%.

5:37 PM  
Blogger Ghmou / Micah said...

snow said...

It was 6%. And it was also all spell damage, not just the matching type. And warriors get 10%.

I thought so. Yeah, I too noticed that the resistance aura talent was changed to only affect the particlar damage type coming at you.

SO, that gives us help against... Elemental Mages/Warlocks/Shadow Priests/Shaman (Frost Shock only, but still).

I still don't think that's enough for me to give up using my Imp. Conc. Aura in PvP... 15% Interruption/Silence resists and +50% uninterruptability for my allies is too good to not use, nearly ALL THE TIME.

Are you saying that the Warriors get 10% because of Defensive Stance, or is that another talent that adds an additional 10%? Isn't there also an improved Defensive stance talent that further increases it?

I know I'd LOVE to have 20+% damage reduction from spells. I'd be nearly unbeatable.

8:45 PM  
Blogger Ghmou / Micah said...




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