19 October, 2006

Don't Raid


Blogger Ghmou / Micah said...

Hmm. Well, at least I won't have warriors yelling at me over bidding on an ERB... because I won't have to.


Anyone else feel like Raiding is almost a silly thing to do at this point? Like, other than some really powerful stuff (Neltharion's Tear, etc) it's almost not worthwhile - IF ALL YOU WANT IS LOOT.

I will still be raiding and enjoying myself, regardless. Though I'm not all that keen on having to run Scholo 32746872 more times just to get all the pieces of Deathbone just so that I can begin tanking in BWL/AQ and the like.


5:35 AM  
Anonymous Vaelin said...

Flipping through the album, I saw what I had previously heard about - the "of the Crusader" suffix. Items with this suffix will have various proportions of spell damage/healing, intellect, and defense all on them.

Given that Spiritual Attunement will largely solve the problem of mana regen for tanking Paladins, I think we can smile and accept the fact that we'll finally be able to obtain decent Paladin tanking gear.

5:53 AM  
Blogger Lord Vir said...

My guild stopped raiding. Between the people we lost over the summer, and lack of interest due to the gear in burning crusade, we just basically said 'fuck it' until the expansion.

Take a look at some of the green gear available via questing or crafting in BC. Is anyone else seeing less and less people raiding as they realize their epic loot will be replaced by level 65?

4:07 PM  
Anonymous snow said...

EBR isn't half as good as Blessed Qiraji Bulwark... 3% more holy shield procs :D.

5:05 PM  
Blogger Lord Vir said...

Crusader strike is up on beta, and it's been confirmed that it procs judgements, but not seal of command. It does gain a bonus from judgement of the crusader. No one can seem to decide if it's normalized damage like mortal strike yet. It does not reset the swing timer.

Also, judgements now last 20 seconds by defuault.

5:19 PM  
Anonymous Gharr said...

Raiding now means you're better geared for the release of the expansion.

Your items are not worthless, your time has not been wasted.

Throughout the entire game epics are replaced by greens. It is just extremely obvious now with the expansion how much character development was gear based in the end game.

Why did people assume that epic will just beget epic until the game is done? They want people to need ot continue to work at it, this game is a time sink, bringing the gear upgrade game back into effect extends the life of the game for many subscribers.

There is no reason to stop the 40 mans if you haven't been through them all once the expansion hits either.

From my raid leader who is in the beta I've heard that the raid XP modifier has been changed so instead of it being a negative it's actually a positive thing. Sure easy to get 'loot' might replace your Tier 1 by 63, Tier 2 by 65 and Tier 3 by 68. But you're not going to be 70 right off the bat. This gear will still be useful for quite a while.

Thunderfury can still only be achieved in the core. The Naxx/AQ20 legendary staff can only be aquired in those instances.

Now the image won't load for me, so it might just be commenting how this item has been extremely nerfed or something. I don't know. But we play this game for fun, if you're only raiding for loot - well you'll still get it. If you're raiding for friends - they'll still be there. There is no reason to stop raiding - unless raiding isn't fun for you. If you don't like it, yes you have no reason to keep going. If you do? you have no reason to have to stop.

5:48 PM  
Blogger Lord Vir said...


If you raid for fun, they you should keep going! But a lot of people raid just for loot, especially on pvp servers. I don't see myself using lawbringer to level my paladin in outland, I'll probably mix blue pvp rewards and a few boe epics. I suspect I will have replaced most of them by 62.

5:55 PM  
Anonymous Gharr said...

Maybe being on an RP server it's a bit of a different mentality. :) I completely understand the need to keep on the sharp curve for loot on a PvP server.

Right now I'm playing a warlock, but once the expansion is released I'll be leveling a BE Paladin so that I know there is one available to the raid when we start looking at the 25 mans at level 70.

I don't expect to even bother with MC/BWL/AQ for gear for my new character, by then my lock will be 70 and I'll have a collection of BoEs for him.

I'm just getting frustrated with all these sites and blogs basicially indicating that you're wasting your time. Even now, as long as there is still loot pre-expansion that makes your character more effective, it'll still hold true till the first day of the expansion release.

Until the expanion is on your PC if you want the edge you still need the loot. And the gear you get now will make the inital steps in the expansion easier. Or at least give you the edge over people who stopped.

8:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OUCH! The green is better stat-for-stat. Hahahaha that's why I canceled my account for now.

"Throughout the entire game epics are replaced by greens. It is just extremely obvious now with the expansion how much character development was gear based in the end game."

No... you need to understand item levels and their color. The item level of a green has to be so high to be able to overtake an EPIC item with an ilevel of *77*. This is inconsistent with how gear currently scales 1-60. I can get an epic at level 35 and it will last me 10 levels before a green starts having similar or slightly better dps. This green shield probably has an item level of 85 or more. Currently, greens top out at ilvl 50.

Yes, epics are replaced by greens... eventually. But that druid is level 62? So by two levels there's already a green item that outclasses an ilvl 77 purple. Most people at least expected their gear to last them a bit longer than that.

It seems blizzard's intention is to clean the slate and every one starts fresh.

With that, this is a great opportunity to make one of your alt 60s your new main.

9:06 PM  
Anonymous Gharr said...

So the green has an ilvl of 85.
What's the big deal? How is it any different between the ilvl of a Quel and Thunderfury?

The tier 1 epics are just as easy to get (for the majority of wow players) as an expansion green.

You already have such a diverse ilvl among the 'current' end game epics.

This is the problem Blizzard caused by using gear to improve characters for much longer than they probably intended.

Call it a reset if you want. There would need to be a reset anyway. They've changed the mechanics and need to release new gear that goes along with it. They won't go and update the current lvl 60 greens to make them fit - it's easier to just release new stuff.

It still doesn't make your Core Hound Tooth any less worth the time you spent on getting it. It doesn't make the value of your Tier gear any less.

Having the tiered gear now will give you a leg up over those that don't.

Again .. it looks like I'm debating this stuff with someone who finds different elements of the game entertaining than I do.

10:15 PM  

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