16 July, 2006

We're cool now!

After the info about Windfury Totem nerf in 1.12, Horde players have been going beserk both in the Shaman forum and the Raids and Dungeons forum. This thread asks a good question. Funny is how many people say "I wish I rolled a Paladin" in that thread.

Much if it is attributed to that Alliance guilds have demonstratedly progressed faster in Naxxramas. Is this due to that there are more Alliance end-game guilds, or that the Paladin is vastly superior augmentor in raids? Good question.

I have to agree with Horde players' griefs - despite my lack of Horde end-game experience. The tools for our disposal by far give greater impact to our teammates than what is available for the Shaman. I know they're different classes and are supposed to behave and play differently, but they're simply not balanced. For what we have in blessings and judgements just doesn't properly balance out for what they have in faster healing and better caster/melee strength. Of course, this is from a 40-man end-game perspective. Oh, and don't forget: To add insult to injury we also got Fear Ward. Hehe.

Obviously this issue has been brewing on for quite a while now. The nerf to Windfury Totem unleashed everyones' feelings in droves on this. I wonder what Blizzard will do in response.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh theyll be all "well were just gonna sit here with our thumbs up our ass and say wait until the expanssion were looking into it." danm blizz probably make it so the horde can have 100 man raids just to hot fix it. But FUCK YEAH WOOT PALLIES! take that horde bastards pally heal bots rule. ;( (i still miss protection tree sniff)

4:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no sympathy for them. When paladins asked for longer blessings to avoid the tedium of it all they argued we didn't need it and that their totems lasted shorter and that they were quite fine with it. Apples and oranges we told them. We got our request granted by Blizzard and what do they do? Whine that their totems aren't effective/short-lived.

Odd isn't it?

Most of the whining is coming from jealous horde guilds that can't compete. It's not enough that horde guilds were the first to down almost every raid boss first before alliance until BWL?

It couldn't be that alliance are over-populated and thus can get groups easier and thus better experienced for grouping? That we have so many players that we are able to create more raiding guilds? With more raiding guilds means more experienced raiders.

In short, we are just better at PvE. L2p

6:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a 60 paladin and a 60 undead warrior. The paladin has been through bwl and aq40 up to the twin emps. The warrior has been in bwl up to vael and aq40 to fankris.

When I was only playing my paladin, I often stated that it was a very powerful, if somewhat boring, class in both pve and pvp. Now that I've been playing my warrior more and raiding/pvping hordeside, I have seen nothing to change that view.

Shaman are a much more 'fun' class to play than paladins in my opinion. In terms of sheer utility, however, I would much rather have a paladin next to me in pvp -and- pve than a shaman.

6:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that so many of the threads linked off this blog have been deleted. Looks like Blizzard is going the way of SOE when it comes to community relations. "Uh oh, people are complaining, instead of fixing their complaints, lets shut them up."

2:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like the Shamans complained enough about the Windfury nerf:

Eyonix retracts Windfury change

At least Blizzard is listening to someone.

8:40 PM  
Blogger Brian said...

Reminds me of that propose change to SoC a few patches back. They wanted to make SoC a complete spell so that it would crit off spell crits, only do 150% of crit damage, and be resistable rather than dodge, miss, or parried.

The Paladin community screamed bloody murder because of the nerf and Blizzard beat a hasty retreat. One of the few times that Blizzard actually listened to Paladins.

Of course, that was back in the time when CMs actually read the Paladin forums.

1:20 AM  
Blogger Kinless said...

I play a 60 Shaman in a raiding guild. (MC, BWL now, etc.) If I'm not in a caster group dropping Manatide Totem, then I'll be cycled out of the group I am in to drop the Manatide Totem. Shammy melee buffing totems are an unconsidered factor in my guild. Manatide is the only totem that interests the Raid Leader and the the Main Tank even. Rogues appreciate the heals, not the Grace of Air Totems. Etc. As a raiding Shaman with all of MC under my belt, and half of BWL, I could care less what they do to the Windfury Totem. Maybe my guild plays the end-game differently?

11:52 AM  

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