14 July, 2006

1.12 "World PvP" a Flop Before Release?

Yesterday I happened upon this article from IGN describing the up and coming world pvp additions for 1.12. Today, I see that forum hillarity ensued.

I could not help but laugh heartily when encountering this post and the blue response.

Ok, so it's "magic sand" - LOL.

Just to be obnoxious and add fuel to the bonfire, I made a post of my own, reproduced for you here.


What the playerbase wanted:

What the playerbase got:

Expect complaints.


In all fairness, I'm looking forward to the Eastern Plaguelands setup. It will give my pvp buddies and I something to do during the wait times (which I fully expect to remain long, given that the Alliance outnumbers the Horde on almost all servers).


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